Ready 2 Scan – Inventory Box Rental

By administrator

Sep 14, 2020

Ready 2 Scan is an inventory counting solution designed to streamline the process of physical inventory counts. Choose 2 Rents dynamic service combines state of the art hardware and software to provide customers in need to perform a physical inventory count with efficient and accurate results. The Ready 2 Scan bundle options are ready to use when they arrive. Our mission is to expedite a precise self-scanning inventory count or alternatively to have our team of dedicated experts perform the inventory count for the customer.

Our hardware and software work seamlessly together to provide customers with real time, accurate inventory counts in a user friendly format. We provide a cost effective self-scanning solution or an advanced solution utilizing our highly trained team of dedicated professionals.

Ready 2 Scan is the all in one inventory solution.

Why use Ready 2 Scan:

  •  Mobile access to real-time data
  •  Verifiable accuracy
  •  Cost Savings
  •  Full Audit Trail
  •  Paperless
  •  Overtime hours are minimized / eliminated
  •  Technicians have one job only – your stores.
  •  Well-trained, dedicated, and efficient personnel.
  •  Inventory Technicians trained prior to being in your stores and with your needs in mind.
  •  12 Month Data History Archive

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