Top Event Technology Trends To Use in 2021

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Nov 11, 2021

The world is opening back up, which means that more events are happening in person. These live events range from music concerts, business meetings to conventions. Meeting in person allows all attendees to have a better and more fulfilling experience while also keeping safety at the forefront. While virtual events are dissipating, some exciting new event technology trends have made their way into the live event space. Learn how these 5 trends can help make your next event a big success.

Temperature Scanner for Safety

While we all hope that the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, safety is still a top priority for any large event. The use of temperature sensors helps ensure that anyone coming into the event space is fever-free. This contactless technology allows attendees to have their body temperature taken and alert security if someone is sick. While temperature scanners are a new event technology trend, they probably won’t be going away anytime soon.

Branded Apps Create Better User Experience

While creating an app for your event isn’t a new idea, advancements in technology have allowed apps to be built much faster. Creating a branded app for your event, no matter how large or small, can help elevate the user experience. Apps keep attendants on schedule, send reminders for specific sessions, and even store tickets for easy access. Branded apps also help engage your attendees as well.

Event Diagramming Software for Social Distancing

While many event planners make out diagrams for optimal flow and set up, event diagramming software can also help put safety parameters into place. Many events may still need to social distance attendees and space booths and seating arrangements at least 6 feet apart. New technology in this area makes it easy to diagram your event space with these limitations in place.

Second Screen Offers Better Engagement

Most everyone at your event will have a smartphone or tablet in their hand. Providing a second screen allows users to interact and follow along with the information presented. Second screen technology makes it easy for attendees to pay attention to the speaker and offers fun interactive opportunities to keep everyone engaged and on the same track. 

Wearable Pieces to Create Upscale Experience

While many event-goers are used to wearing a badge, consider adding more options to your events this year using wearable technology. Items like printable wristbands, smart badges, or even glasses can offer an incredible user experience to event attendees. These items sync with check-in stations and other event space areas to create a hands-free and efficient experience. Not only do wearable devices offer tracking and plenty of data, but users often feel like a VIP when they get to use such new technology.

Smart Flooring: a Passive Event Technology Trend

One of the best event technology trends this year is the use of smart flooring technology. These smart flooring mats help event planners and sponsors precisely know how long attendees move throughout the event space. This data can be beneficial when sponsors want to know where people naturally gravitate as well as how long someone stays in one spot. Innovative flooring technology is a discreet way to track attendees so that they often don’t notice. This helps create a better user experience and provides valuable data.

Holograms to Pack the Ultimate Punch

For those event planners that want to add a lot of “wow” factor to their event, the use of a hologram may be just the right fit. Holograms allow a person to attend an event without actually being in the room at all. They can be used for events in multiple locations where a speaker can show up in a hologram rather than video. Holograms also open the door for those speakers or celebrities who have busy schedules to be physically present through this dazzling technology. 

Artificial Intelligence as Familiar Technology

Many of us already use AI by asking voice assistants a question located within our phones or devices in our homes. Adding artificial intelligence to your event is a great way to help attendants with common questions or registration. Consider adding targeted voice assistants around certain areas of the event with the use of iPads and premium floor stands. Incorporating AI into your event is not only a great idea but one that will continue to trend upward in the future.

Any of these event technology trends can help elevate your event this year. Adding new technology helps welcome attendees to in-person events after a long hiatus due to the pandemic. Consider using one or all of these options to create a user-friendly experience as well as track data for your upcoming events. 

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