Creative Corporate Event Theme Inspiration

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Dec 5, 2021

After more than a year of nearly no in-person events, the world of event planning has had to change and adapt to social concerns and constraints. Additional parameters and requirements make event planning even more challenging in the world today. 

Event planners have had to think outside the box with creative corporate event themes and activities to entice attendees to walk through the doors again. Learn more about how to incorporate these creative ideas into your next event.

Blast Off to Outer Space

With all of the recent talk of space wars and executives footing their own bills to get to other galaxies, space is a hot event theme right now. Not only is a space-themed event fun, but it offers up an elevated and futuristic technological aspect. This is a great opportunity for a tech company or rapidly growing industry to show off their skills that fit in naturally with this theme.

Use a lot of glass orbs and odd-looking decorations to complete the outer space look. Be creative with different food and drink offerings that you may not find on this planet. Add in floor stands and pads where guests can play an old-school outer space video games for a fun touch.

Plan an En Blanc Corporate Event Theme

Celebrities have been doing the en blanc theme for years, so why not extend this high-end invite to your guests? An en blanc party is simply one where the color white is the theme. Guests are encouraged to wear all-white outfits while the decor and overall optics of the event can include white with small touches of other colors. Choose white chairs, tables, and table covers to create a cohesive and ultra-posh look.

The white theme may be a bit challenging for food and drinks, but it makes decorating quite easy as there is only one choice. Host your en blanc party in a beautiful event space that features a lot of glass windows or modern fixtures to complete the overall sophisticated aesthetic.

Get guests excited about a Squid Game event

Throw a Squid Game Event

Tailoring your event to any kind of popular show is a great way to get people excited to attend. Take advantage of the recent Squid Game phenomenon from Netflix and create interactive areas where attendees can try their hand at these children’s games (minus the violence). 

The games are quite easy to recreate, and you may be surprised at how quickly someone may jump in to play red light, green light, or pick up a dalgona candy. Add in tug-of-war and the glass hopscotch to raise the involvement level at your event. Make sure to also include the often forgotten recruiting game, marbles, and the squid game itself to create a complete experience.

Gather Around the Campfire

While many corporate or professional events feature suits and high heels, why not throw a more down-to-earth event? Camp themed events created with a casual campfire atmosphere invites guests to kick back and have some fun. Complete the event with an elevated s’mores bar, cold drinks in coolers, and fun finger food like hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips. 

This event is best hosted outside during nice weather. Consider creating many different small fire pits around the area to encourage mingling and add to the ambiance. Add in lawn games like corn hole, giant Yahtzee, or giant connect four to find the fun as well. Decorate the area with tents, tarps, and picnic tables for a laid-back event that everyone can enjoy. 

Celebrate the 90s

Help guests get back to their roots as kids who grew up in the 90s at your next event. This fun theme would incorporate all of the classic 90s gear like pogs, desktop computers, and fun graphics. Floppy disks, cassette tapes, and slap bracelets could all be part of the decorations. 

Encourage guests to come dressed in their best 90s gear, including ultra-wide baggy jeans, windbreakers, and denim overalls (with only one strap attached, of course). Serve fun 90s era food like Surge®, Bagel Bites®, Dunkaroos®, Lunchables®, and Crystal Pepsi®.  Incorporate popular TV shows from the era, like Saved By the Bell, Full House, Seinfeld, or 90210. You may even be able to have a special guest appearance from one of the actors on these shows as well.

Choosing a creative event theme helps excite those who plan on attending (or are required to attend). Going a bit outside of the box allows your event to stand out from the rest. Not only are these corporate event themes easier to pull together with a definite goal in mind, but they also boost your own credibility as an event planner professional.

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