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How much does an event registration kiosk cost?

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Feb 21, 2022

There is nothing that prospective customers or attendees dislike more than standing in long queues waiting for someone to acknowledge their existence.

If you are running your events this way, you need this event-saving trick.

First impressions count. How you present your event will determine how potential customers will react to you. 

If your customers are standing in long queues forced to fill out manual registration forms, it’s unlikely they will return.

An event registration kiosk can make processing times quicker and more convenient for attendees. Not only does this improve the perception of your event, but it also increases the likelihood that people will return to future events and eventually buy from you.

But how do you acquire an event registration kiosk, and how much do they cost? This blog outlines the different types of kiosks and how much they cost. 

What Type of Event Kiosks Should You Consider?

Not all event registration kiosks are created equal; different types of kiosks suit different needs. We’ll explore a few different types of kiosks below:

Session Check-in Kiosk

A session check-in kiosk allows you to simply scan your card or QR code from a badge to register for workshops. 


Some kiosks have an optional NFC reader that enables people to scan from their devices or smartphones. You can also get session check-in kiosks that have facial recognition. Other kiosks have barcode scanners to scan ID codes from barcodes or phone screens.

Payment Kiosks

Other kiosks take payments for paid events. The type of payment accepted depends on the kiosk. For example, you can purchase kiosks that accept credit cards. You can also get kiosks that take contactless payments. 


There are many different types of printing kiosks available. The most popular ones are name printing badges, which are very useful for events and reduce the number of badges you have to print out. Event managers can also use these printers with printed-on adhesive labels or clear stickers. While some can only print in black, others can print in full color. 


Branding kiosks can take your event to the next level by strikingly showcasing your brand and logos. This can truly add the ‘wow’ factor at an event and create a fantastic first impression.

Placement Options

The placement options depend upon the type of event that you have. For example, placement options may include a table or desk kiosk that is small enough to fit on a table. However, it is essential to be aware that counter-height tables or desks are best for kiosks without a printer.

On the other hand, you can get a pedestal that fits perfectly into any registration area. If you want to kick your event up a notch or two, consider getting a branded pedestal that showcases your messages or logos.

What can I expect to rent a check-in kiosk?

The amount you can expect to pay to rent a check-in kiosk depends upon many factors. If you were to try and purchase these kiosks outright, it would cost you thousands. Renting a check-in kiosk is considerably more affordable.

The price you will pay to rent a kiosk depends on the type of event registration kiosk you need and how many you need. 

Why Rent a Check-in Kiosk?

Another advantage of renting an event registration check-in kiosk is that it means you don’t have to find a place to store kiosks that you may not use all of the time. The flexibility of renting a kiosk is ideal for small businesses that don’t have the resources to store clunky equipment.

However, the real advantage is how it can transform your event. Event registration kiosks save you time. Renting one means that you don’t have to spend unnecessary amounts of time manually printing or creating badges, ticking off attendees at significant events, and taking payments. Using kiosks also gives your event a more professional look and provides a seamless experience for attending people.

Why should you purchase from Choose to Rent?

Our event registration kiosks provide you with everything you need in one convenient platform. They come in sleek, innovative designs that combine functionality and flexibility in a compact space. Our kiosks are guaranteed to offer attendees an efficient and inviting registration experience.

We offer a selection of different kiosks and placement options designed for different types of events. Whether you want a quick and accurate way of collecting cashless payments or ensure that only registered attendees can attend, our kiosks can help you facilitate that with facial recognition and QR code scanners.

You can choose from a variety of fully and partially branded kiosks. 

Advantages of the event kiosks that we sell

So why should you contact us for a quote? 

Well, in addition to the selection of features and functionality available on our kiosks, there are also several other advantages listed below.


Our kiosks are easy to assemble and highly intuitive. 

Make a great impression

Stand out from the crowd with our customizable event kiosks to showcase your brand professionally. 


Our kiosks are highly durable and built to last. Each kiosk is made from premium, lightweight material, making logistics effortless. 

High Speed

Save time on mile-high paperwork with our ultra, high-speed kiosks that can print badges and register attendance in seconds.

Worldwide Shipping

Regardless of your location, Choose 2 Rent can ship kiosks anywhere in the world. 


We provide you with additional support in the form of on-site technicians that help you set up your event kiosks and support you at your event. 

How much will it all cost you?

Find out how much you can expect to pay by discussing your requirements with one of our friendly team members today. Click here to request a quote


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