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How to Choose the Right Badge Printer for Your Next Event

By administrator

Feb 14, 2022

When printing badges for an event, it’s common to make changes and edits always need to be made at the last minute. Badges and name tags are vital to the success of an event or conference. Instead of printing out badges and name tags before the event, why not rent badge printers for events instead?

Not only will an onsite event badge printer help alleviate some prep work, but it also allows you to make last-minute edits. Rent a badge printer for your next event or conference to make quick edits to the spelling of names and add real-time photos to the badge for extra security. 

Badge printers can connect to various devices, making them easy to use for last-minute changes. Onsite badge printers also allow your event or conference to level up in technology and professionalism. Learn more about choosing the right badge printer for your next event. 

Paper Badge Printers

Many conferences use paper badges that can be directly used or easily slipped into a badge holder. Users can wear them in lanyards or clipped holders that attach to pockets. These badges are easy to print and offer black, color, and thermal ink color options.

Epson Colorworks C3500

For full-color paper badge printing, choose the Epson Colorworks C3500. This is a great way to make paper badges stand out with full scope color in an on-demand atmosphere. The Epson Colorworks C3500 printer does require ink cartridges and has an overall medium footprint.

Rent a Badge Printer from Zebra Series

Many event managers like the small footprint of the Zebra series badge printers. Choose from a variety of different options that print black paper badges without the need for ink cartridges. You may also select between options with or without LCD screens.

Star-Micronics Thermal Printer

This new addition to the paper badge printing world offers a Bluetooth connection for easy use without all of the cables. Direct thermal ink means that you don't have to switch out any ink cartridges because the ink is already in the paper. Star-Micronics Thermal Printer works with iOS, Windows, and Android devices for speed and ease.

Plastic Badge Printers

Consider raising the overall experience at your next event by printing plastic badges that are more professional and durable. Plastic badges elevate the look of the identification tag and are easy to attach to a clipped lanyard or magnetic badge backing. 

Zebra ZC10L

Consider printing beautiful plastic badges on one side in just a few seconds. The Zebra ZC10L printer produces single-sided badges in full-color 300dpi resolution. Edge to edge printing helps make sure that all of the vital information is easily legible as well. The Zebra ZC10L also prints larger badges for easier viewing.

Primacy Card Printer

If your conference needs ultra-fast plastic badge printing, look no further than the Primacy Card Printer. This powerful printer creates single-sided badges about the size of a credit card. This machine is capable of printing in full color and edge-to-edge capability. 

2XL Card Printer

Small to medium-sized events may prefer the various print capabilities of the 2XL Card Printer. This option requires pre-printed plastic cards in 3 different size options. In addition, the 2XL Card Printer prints up to 180 full-color badges per hour.

Adhesive Badge Printers

One of the easiest and budget-friendly on-demand printing options for your next event includes adhesive badge printers. Just print and stick them to clothing, equipment, or anywhere else!

Brother Badge Printers

Check out the easy-to-use adhesive badge printers from Brother. The Brother QL-820NWB model connects easily via Bluetooth and prints on multiple sizes and styles of Brother brand labels. No ink is required, but the printer only prints in black. The Brother 720W model is another option that won't take up too much space on a table and works both wirelessly and wired for ease of use.

Zebra Badge Printers

Check out the Zebra series printers that offer a small footprint and no-fuss capabilities for easy printing. The Zebra GK420 and ZD420 offer user-friendly operations and black thermal printed options for high-speed prints. The Zebra ZD620 provides an LCD screen with more options and high-speed black images capable of printing on various adhesive badge options.

Wristband Badge Printers

Great for checking into conferences and meetings, wristband badges are easy to use and don't get lost! Choose from a wide variety of colors as well to help quickly identify specific groups of attendees.

Zebra Wristband Badge Printers With Screen

The Zebra ZD500 and ZD620 models offer wristband printing capabilities using an LCD screen. These high-speed printers don't need ink and print Zebra brand wristbands in seconds. Use the screen for more options and a better user experience.

Zebra Wristband Band Printers Without Screen

The ZD420 and GK420 printers from Zebra are an excellent choice for users who don't need a screen. Simple and easy to use with no worry about extra buttons, these printers don't require any extra ink and produce high-quality wristbands in no time. This printer is an excellent option for conferences where attendees may need last-minute replacement wristbands.

Badges with Embedded Chips

If your conference requires secure attendance, choosing a printer with RFID/UHF capabilities is a great option. The Zebra ZD500R printer creates high-speed black prints onto badges with an embedded chip inside for easier electronic use. There is no need for extra ink, and the printer handles the chipped cards quite well. Easily print and ensure that everyone is where they should be using radio frequency identification (RFID). 

No matter what kind of printer your conference needs, many badge printer machines are available from Choose2Rent. Equipment rented through Choose2Rent is of the highest quality and designed specifically to make your event or conference an unforgettable experience. 

Renting an on-demand event badge printer allows your staff to customize and make corrections on the spot. Boost the professionalism of your event by renting one of these badge printers for your next event. For more information about renting a badge printer for your next event or conference, contact Choose2Rent to make an online reservation today!


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