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How to choose the right event registration kiosk for your next event

By administrator

Mar 21, 2022

Location, chairs, tables, food, promotion, staff members, speakers, sound checking, and the list goes on. Planning an event can be very stressful. Everything needs to be perfect. Every little detail requires proper attention.

The registration desk is probably one of the most crowded and loudest places before an event. Picture staff members glued to the entrance for hours asking people their names, checking on lists, and going through stacks of badges, while attendees are waiting in line, almost running out of patience.  

Never fear! Technology has come to the rescue offering faster methods to complete the process. Event kiosks are automated solutions for your registration needs. Participants can use them to check in and print their badges all by themselves.

You may now wonder what you need to consider when selecting the best event kiosk for your event. Answer this curated list of questions for an easier search.

Do You Need to Place Your Event Kiosk on a Table?

Depending on the design of your registration area, you can opt for a pedestal or use your table to place your kiosk.

A pedestal kiosk stands up on its own and is the perfect size to fit in any registration area. Plus! You also have the option to customize it. 

On the other hand, you are welcome to set up your kiosk on your table. However, this option is best for a kiosk that doesn’t integrate a printer.

To Brand or Not to Brand?

Do you want a distinctive event kiosk? No problem.

Let your corporate colors show by branding your self-check-in kiosk. Display a striking design that remains in people’s heads.

You can choose to cover the whole kiosk with your logo and other visual elements. Also, you can select partial branding, which helps you reduce your event registration kiosk costs. This option is the most cost-effective approach to showcase your brand.

If you need to keep it simple, you can go with the no-branding alternative. No matter what option you pick, an event kiosk leaves a lasting impression on participants and has a user-friendly interface.

Will You Be Printing Your Attendees’ Credentials?

If you need to print your participant’s badges in the blink of an eye, don’t hesitate to select an event kiosk equipped with an integrated printer. You can choose between printing credentials in full-color or black and white. You can also customize sizes and types. 

Do you Need to Receive Payments During the Event?

If you need attendees to pay for their tickets right before entering the venue or make any other payment during the event, you can choose a kiosk with a credit card chip reader. Attendees can simply insert their credit cards, and the system will walk them through the whole payment process.

Benefits of a Self-check-in Kiosk

Since an event registration kiosk allows attendees to check-in for your event and print their badges by themselves quickly; you save a lot of time, feel less stressed, and pay closer attention to other areas of the event. This will allow your staff to move more freely around the event and take care of different aspects.

With an event registration kiosk, participants feel more comfortable registering because they don’t have to waste time standing in line. Attendees will be in a good mood and feel ready to enjoy all the activities you’ve planned for them.

Renting in Choose 2 Rent

Regardless of which kiosk you decided would be the best fit for you, Choose 2 Rent has a solution for you. If you want a self-service kiosk for your next event, you don’t need to purchase it. Just rent the device that meets your requirements.

In addition to the main features explored above, you can customize your kiosks further with features like contactless payments, QR scanning, facial recognition, and LED lights.

Choose 2 Rent also offers rentals of laptops, tablets, barcode scanners, floor stands, card readers, and more. Do you want to host the best event you’ve ever planned? Contact Choose 2 Rent today!


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