5 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting iPads for Events

By administrator

Jun 17, 2022

Renting devices for your next expo, conference or showroom may be complex considering all the options available. You may encounter companies that offer low-quality products, work with hidden fees, or don’t meet the equipment delivery deadlines.

iPads are one of the most popular devices. According to Statista, Apple is the tablet market leader “with over four billion U.S. dollars in revenues”. Adding these devices to your event will make an impression.

Nevertheless, when you’re renting an iPad for your event, some things could go wrong. If you want everything to run smoothly with your rental iPads, check out this list of common mistakes to avoid.

Selecting an iPad Renting Company Thinking only about the Money

Going for the provider that offers the lowest prices is not always the best decision. Low prices might hide low-quality equipment, outdated devices, and high shipping costs. It’s always wise to opt for the company that offers you the best price-value ratio.

iPad Renting Not Being Able to Operate It

You might be able to get the most amazing iPads for your event, but if your staff doesn’t know how to use them, it’s all for nothing. Some attendees might not know how to use the tablets or the installed apps, and someone will have to step in.

Ensure that your team members have the training they need to know how to operate the iPads and all the other devices you have rented. It’s also good to find a rental company that offers on-site tech assistance like Choose 2 Rent.

iPad Renting Not Knowing Exactly What you Need the Device For

The combination of being unsure about what you want the iPads for and not looking for expert help is a recipe for disaster.
When planning your event, you need to define where you will place the devices and how you will use them. Make sure to get the information you need to take advantage of all the possibilities technology offers to take your event to the next level.

Suppose you have an idea of what you want to do but are not entirely sure how to put it in motion. In that case, a professional iPad rental company can advise you about the best ways to use these mobile devices in your events, like automating the registration process, doing surveys, promoting your products, getting essential information about potential customers, and more.

iPad Renting without Getting an iPad Stand

Walking around with iPads, and holding them for too long can be exhausting and uncomfortable. Also, when iPads go from hand to hand during events, the risk of getting broken or stolen increases. An iPad stand provides your device with the support, stability, and protection you need.

If you need to change the angle to view your iPad, a holder can make it easier. There are several types of stands with different ranges of motion. Choose the one that adapts to the positions you need.

An iPad stand can protect your device from stealing as well. They’re beneficial in crowded places where thieves can easily slip under the radar. Don’t hesitate to get a device holder with a lockable system if you want to keep thieves away.

Hiring an iPad Renting Company with No Customer Service

All iPad rental companies may provide you with the mobiles devices you need, but not all of them will offer you support after the fact. Hiring these providers may be a mistake because if you have any issues with your rentals, you will struggle to find someone to help you solve them.

Where Can I Rent an iPad?

Finally, you may be wondering: where can I rent an iPad? Is there a tablet rental near me? Luckily, several rental companies online offer service requests through their website. Choosing a provider nearby will not be a limiting factor.
iPad renting with Choose 2 Rent is the way to go! You can request a quote directly on our website and tell us the specifics of what you need. We have iPads of different sizes and offer you the most up-to-date models.

Would you like your iPads set up before your event? We’ve got you covered. Let us know what you need to install, and we’ll take care of it.
Our customer service will be available for you during the whole rental period. If you want on-site technical assistance, we can help you as well. If you are planning your next expo, conference, or showroom, contact Choose 2 Rent today!


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