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Jun 6, 2022

With over 320 days of sunshine and fewer than five inches of rain every year, Las Vegas has held the title of the world’s No.1 trade show destination for the last 26 years. In addition, the city boasts world-class dining, state-of-the-art facilities, and accommodations, making it a top destination for congresses, events, and trade shows. Thus, when you want to rent registration kiosks for events in Las Vegas, Choose 2 Rent offers a variety of options to suit your needs.

Why You Need A Registration Kiosk For Events In Las Vegas

Did you know there are over 22,000 events hosted every year? With more than 44 million people visiting the world's entertainment capital annually, registration kiosks add ease and efficiency to any event. 

Registration kiosks help you get the most out of any event you host in Las Vegas because they offer guests a one-stop platform to check-in and print badges on demand. This cuts down on time from having to print and double-check name badges beforehand, reduces the number of unused printed badges, and saves you money.

Picture this: You’re at Biz Bash, with a rush of hundreds to thousands of guests registering simultaneously. There is tons of commotion and people scattered all around the venue. An event kiosk is the perfect tool for on-site registration for our clients ranging from small, medium, to large.

Branded Kiosks Stand Out From The Crowd 

We’ve already discussed that there are thousands of events hosted in Las Vegas, and many are hosted simultaneously. A registration kiosk can help you stand out from the crowd by offering a seamless check-in experience that gives your guests a positive experience from the beginning.

Not only will you stand out to guests because of an easy experience, but you can also get a branded event registration kiosk to take it up another level. Depending on your needs, we offer different levels of branding. You can rent fully branded kiosks at private events or partial branding at a conference or trade show registration desk.

It’s Easy To Offer A Fully-Seamless Registration Experience

Clearly, Las Vegas has many shows and supports some of the largest exhibiting halls in the United States. While it’s a paradise for event planners, it’s no doubt that the pandemic changed the event world forever.

Fully-touchless experiences are now the standard! While Choose 2 Rent is an excellent source for event registration kiosks near Las Vegas, we offer other supplies to provide a well-rounded registration experience. 

Each kiosk has a series of accessories that facilitate access to the event and make it even easier and faster without the need to have staff at the entrance for registration. Clients enjoy QR codes for speedier admission to sessions or seminars, NFC readers for more manageable payment, and even facial recognition access control for top-tier security.

Some other features of Event Kiosk are the Barcode Scanner, which scans barcodes name badges or phone screens, Credit Card Payments, and LED light which can show your brand color.

We Can Deliver Anywhere In Las Vegas

Only in outer space will you find more room for your event than in Vegas. The city offers more than 14 million square feet of exhibition and meeting space. In addition, it is home to three of the country’s ten largest convention venues.

  • The Mandalay Bay Convention Center
  • The Venetian Expo (includes 500,000 square feet of The Venetian/Palazzo meeting space)
  • Las Vegas Convention Center

No matter where you decide to host your event, Choose 2 Rent can deliver your supplies to any venue or conference center in the greater Las Vegas area. In addition to kiosks, we also offer podiums and other technology you may need along with your event registration kiosks.

Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say

The Executive Vice President from “Bizbash,” Nicole Peck, said, “Choose 2 Rent is our national on-site registration equipment provider, and we bring it to a variety of events whether they are dinner cocktail hour events where we want to badge all of our guests or they are a one-day conference and Expo event their team can solve problems quickly and efficiently. They are accessible, and they get the job done”.

Matt Sallmen, Registration Captain (Bizbash), added that “the experience with check-in has been phenomenal this year. It really has. We’ve sort of overhauled our registration layout this year, and utilizing the tech from Choose 2 Rent has made everything just seamless”.

Erik Dreyer from “Good Shuffle” told us that “compared to other conferences, this was lightning fast. Sometimes you always got the wait for the technology to catch up, wait for the badges to print this was turnkey. I typed in three letters, and I pressed ok, and then I was on my way”.

In a nutshell, if you want a durable solution, user-friendly, high speed to print your badges and worldwide shipping to stand out in Las Vegas this year. Choose 2 Rent is the leading software-independent hardware provider. We are your specialized equipment rental supplier boosting the most extensive inventory of event registration available for all kinds of events throughout the world.

Our onsite technicians will also set up your technology, show any troubleshooting, and answer any questions you may have. Contact us for a quote and place your order today.


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