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Jun 8, 2022

Miami is, in many ways, the perfect city to hold an event. With its world-famous weather, beaches, and lively multicultural neighborhoods, holding a Miami event could really help take your services to the next level.

It seems as though there are meetings, conventions and trade show venues, everywhere in the city. The city is also blessed with truly unique and stunning offsite venues.  

But to ensure your Miami event is as perfect as it can be, you will also need to ensure that you have all the equipment you will need to ensure your event is a success. This includes things such as event registration kiosks, laptop rentals, badges, desk stands, speaker kits and temperature scanners.

Integrating the right technology within your event can really help to ensure your event is as perfect as it can be. 

What Technology Do You Need For Your Miami Event?

Any technology that helps your event flow much quicker, and easier will turn out to be indispensable. The most important aspect of organizing any event is managing attendees so this should definitely be your main focus.

After all, events are challenging enough to organize without having to worry about ticking off every single attendee, checking IDs and taking everyone’s temperature. You also want to reduce the risk of speaker mix-ups occurring, complaints due to long queues or lack of name badges and access.

This is why self check in kiosk are amongst the most important pieces of equipment that you can rent.

Why Do You Need Event Registration Kiosk For Your Company?

There is nothing worse than lengthy queues, angry attendees and lost registration forms hampering your event. 

You also do not want any unauthorized personnel gatecrashing your event and potentially hijacking it for their own ends. 

Using event kiosks also makes your event quicker and more pleasant for those attending.

It also makes it easier to manage pre-event and onsite registrations. 

Renting event kiosks and self-check-in kiosks can also reduce the costs associated with your event because you don’t have to pay additional overwhelmed registration staff trying to keep up with long queues of attendees.

There is also a great deal of flexibility in that you can have as many or as few kiosks as you need. Our experienced team can help you work out exactly how many kiosks will be right for your event. 

What Event Kiosks Do You Need?

There are a wide variety of different types of kiosks that you can potentially use for your business. The type you get will largely depend on your needs and the type of event you are holding. 

However, there are several considerations you need to keep in mind before making your selections. We cover this in more detail below:


Table or Desk Kiosks: You can use our tables and desks and rent a desk or table kiosk with a height between 30 inches and 32 inches. Counter-height tables or desks are only recommended for the kiosk without a printer.

Pedestal: You can also choose the standard pedestal kiosks, that allow guests to stand and register their attendance. 

Branded Kiosks: If you really want to add a touch of glamor to your event, then branded pedestals allow you to showcase your event and your logos. You can also rent partially branded kiosks which is one of the most cost-effective ways of showcasing your brand.


Some kiosks are also designed to take payments. Most of the time, these will be contactless payments or NFC. NFC payments make it possible for customers to pay using their devices.


You can also purchase kiosks that can scan barcodes, QR codes and LED lights.

Facial Recognition

Eliminate the need for ID and speed things up by using our facial recognition event kiosks which can be used for Facial Recognition Access Control. This is the true contactless Check-In experience. 


One of the most common questions that event organizers get is ‘how can I find a registration kiosk near me?’

The truth is that many event kiosk providers will happily ship kiosks to your location (depending on where it is) but if you can find a provider that has a local base, then it is likely to be much cheaper.

Why Choose Us?

Choose 2 Rent is one of the leading event registration kiosk providers. We offer high-quality event kiosks, printers and scanners, as well as a comprehensive package of support.

For example, we help clients set up devices for a paltry amount of $4. Our team also provides custom phone support and set-up help. The best part is we don’t charge a dime for this.

In addition to that, we provide on-site technical support with a team that is available at any location within the country.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will work closely with your coordinators and ensure a smooth experience before, during and after your rental.

But our comprehensive customer care package doesn’t end there. 

We also provide an insurance plan which provides peace of mind to clients. This gives you the opportunity to invest in our insurance program that covers 90% of the retail cost of any piece of equipment.

Essentially, it means you can avoid any unforeseen expenses and debts that leave you out of pocket. All you have to worry about is putting on a great event!

Affordable Shipping Options

We present affordable shipping options, depending upon your budget. Our services are flexible in that there are many shipping options available for our customers. Return shipping and messenger available upon request. 

Planning an event in Miami? We can help you make it great! Contact us to learn how.


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