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Everything you need to know to improve registration for conference events

By administrator

Jun 28, 2022

When planning an event, the registration process is one of the main logistics you need to tackle. This article will help you find out everything you need to know to improve registration for conference events. 

How you go about the registration process can make or break an event. While it might appear very simple, registration involves a lot of attention to detail.

Not having an efficient registration process can hurt the attendees’ mood for the entire event and even prevent them from attending altogether. 

Thankfully, there are now many state-of-the-art tools and systems that can make the registration process simple, easy, and efficient. These include a variety of event badge printers and all-in-one solutions like an event registration kiosk. 

In the age of technology, event registration kiosks must have the necessary features, such as connectivity. This article will provide you with all the information to select an event badge printer or registration kiosk to improve your registration process.

What is an event registration kiosk?

An event registration kiosk is a self-service check-in solution. Instead of checking through a registration list and having pre-printed name badges, a kiosk offers a  more efficient way for attendees to check-in and print their badges on-site. 

These self-service kiosks are very similar to others you might see at a clinic or an airport. The system allows people to use touchscreen technology to register quickly for meetings, conferences, or events through a name search or a simple QR code scan. 

These event registration kiosks are a lifesaver in terms of functionality for organizers. Since these all-in-one solutions can print name badges on-site, they remove a lot of the hassle associated with having to pre-print badges, including spelling mistakes, last-minute changes, or late registrations. 

When you integrate these kiosks into your event registration process, it can help provide an overview in real-time of attendance data. 

Why you should rent an event registration kiosk

Event kiosk rentals are very beneficial for medium to large-scale events, such as tradeshows and conferences. More and more organizers and planners are seeing how efficient these registration systems can be and how they can improve attendees’ overall experience. Additionally, renting one of these kiosks can be much more cost-efficient than buying one. 

These systems are incredibly versatile and can provide the following benefits: 

  • Self-service check-in: This can come in handy, especially at large conferences where many attendees may be checking in over an extended period. Notifying attendees of this process allows them the maximum flexibility to register. 
  • Improve attendee experience: Since it is a self-service system, it can simplify check-in and badge printing to seconds and on the spot. This can make for a positive experience and set the tone for the rest of the event. Having this peace of mind means spending more time and resources on other aspects of the event. 
  • Save time and staff: Since event registration kiosks are an on-site solution, they can reduce the time spent creating and printing badges. In this case, badges can be designed beforehand or even changed remotely from the back-end. All of the printing can be done on-site and on-demand, meaning that you can cut down on waste and limit printing costs for the attendees. Lastly, since it is a self-service platform, you won’t need extra staff on-site.
  • Accurate data: Integrating this kind of system with your event registration solution can allow you to have up-to-date data on attendance. This provides organizers with the insights they need regarding event attendance and registration. 
  • Better event planning decisions: An automated registration solution can help organizers make the most of the event data. For example, they can gain insight into the type of people that show up and how that compares to the original number of registrations. By having this kind of real-time information, organizers can decide on the day, such as when to serve a meal or if all VIP guests have arrived. Additionally, this sort of data also speaks about the event's overall success. 
  • Digital signage: Kiosks can double as signage at large meetings or conventions by being strategically positioned throughout the event space to direct attendees to the right rooms. 
  • Wireless internet hub: During breaks, attendees can use these platforms to search the internet for local attractions or restaurant suggestions, as well as other tasks, such as checking their email. 

Functionality, connectivity, and other important features 

Event kiosks usually come equipped with many features that go above and beyond your registration needs and offer great benefits for your guests. These include but are not limited to features such as wireless internet connection, barcode, and QR code scanners, NFC readers, and even contactless payment processors.

At Choose 2 Rent, we strive to offer comprehensive solutions that cover all your registration needs. Our event kiosk has an innovative design and state-of-the-art features that offer functionality and flexibility without too much space.

Our event kiosk comes with badge printing, QR-Code Scanner, RFID reader, Payment Terminal, and iOS or Windows-based software applications.

We also offer a variety of branding options for our event kiosk so that you can customize and make the most out of your check-in system. After all, this can make a big difference and a long-lasting positive impression on your attendees. 

We've got you if you’re looking for other solutions such as name badge printers. Whether you need a paper or plastic badge, adhesive badges, or wristbands, our array of rental printers can provide on-site solutions from Bluetooth printing to thermal printing, laser printing, and more.

Our products and services are at your disposal to make your event registration process go without a hitch. Tell us your needs, and we’ll be glad to help you make the wisest decision for you and your guests, so don’t hesitate to reach out!


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