How Do Large Conferences Print Out Their Badges?

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Jun 24, 2022

Huge lines of people waiting to get to the check-in desk is a nightmare for any event planner. Instead, you want everything to be running smoothly while your attendees receive their badges as quickly as possible.

Pre-printing badges can be time-consuming and require a lot of effort. You need to go through large lists of attendees, make sure all the data is correct, print the credentials, and organize them.

Then, when you get to the venue, you need to go through all the badges each time to find the one you need. If there is an error in the information, you need to reprint the credential while an impatient attendee awaits. This option may result in long lines, stressed staff members, and upset guests.

When you expect a large crowd for your conference, you need the most efficient way to complete the registration process. Printing your badges on-demand is a stress-free choice for any event check-in.

On-Demand Badge Printing

Onsite printing is the faster, more efficient way to create your badges. You can link the printers to your registration software, so attendees can review their information and get their credentials on the same day of the conference. It saves you time from looking through a pile of badges, but guests can also print their badges.

Printing on demand also reduces waste and saves money. You eliminate unnecessary printing because you’ll be creating badges only for people who show up at the event. You also cut down on reprints because guests can verify everything is correct before printing their badges.

If you use this method, you won’t feel obligated to close registration early to print your credentials, so you will also have the chance to sell more tickets.

If you want your badges printed onsite for your next conference, you must choose a conference badge printer and badge supplies that suit your needs and vision. Choose a provider that offers printer rentals and all the things you need to make your ideal ID badges a reality.

ID Card Printer

When finding the ID card printer that meets your requirements, you must consider whether you want your credentials in black or full color.

For your color printing needs, we offer the Epson Colorworks c3500, an ID card maker that helps you “dramatically reduce label costs, increase operational efficiencies and print high-quality, durable labels on-demand in four colors (CMYK) at speeds of up to 4 inches/second.”

We also provide a variety of high-speed models to print black-ink badges, like the ZEBRA ZD620, which has an LCD screen for an easy-to-use operation, and the ZEBRA ZD420, which doesn’t need ink to function.

Do you use event management software? No problem. We offer you printers compatible with widely-used platforms, like Aventri, Brushfire, and Boomset by Hopin.

ID Badge Supplies

When finding the perfect badge paper, consider several options. You can select plastic credentials, single or double-sided badges, adhesive labels, and wristbands. No matter which one you pick, we’ve got you covered.  We even provide the holders to go with them.

You might want people to have easy access to their credentials and keep their hands free for the event activities. We can help with ready-to-use lanyards that come in various colors and custom ones that show off your branding.

These versatile lanyards will make your staff and security members stand out. It’s a great way to highlight your staff, so participants know who to address if they have questions. 

In addition, color-coded lanyards can improve communication and collaboration between employees. Using different colors to distinguish groups of attendees, for example, quickly, the ones with VIP tickets can also help you manage exclusive access areas and more.

Whether you need a simple badge design or want something more complex, Choose 2 Rent has the right option for you. We can help you choose the right printer, paper, and lanyard to create the perfect credentials for your conference, trade show, or expo. 

If you want to make your dream ID badge come true, contact us right after finishing this sentence.


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