Which is the Best Tablet Stand

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Jun 15, 2022

On a desk or the floor? Flexible or rigid? Branded or simple? Which one fits the needs of my event? When you use tablets in your events, it’s essential to select the iPad floor stand.

Nevertheless, it's easy to become overwhelmed with questions when looking for an iPad floor stand. With so many options, which is the best one? Well, it depends on what you need. Before saying yes to your dream tablet stand, consider these top factors. 

iPad Floor Stand or iPad Desk Stand?

The answer to this question may seem simple. If you want to place your tablet on a surface, like a table or a counter, then select a desk stand; if not, go with a floor stand. However, there are different stands to choose from depending on the style of your event.

Picture this: your event will have a non-desk area where you’ll show videos of your products, do surveys, and get extra information about your attendees. You can place several iPad floor stand kiosks to promote your company and get to know your target audience better.

Our exclusive premium model would be perfect for this occasion. It’s a sturdy, lightweight iPad floor stand that is easy to assemble. You can also brand it with your logo and corporate colors and make it stand out to attendees.

Now, imagine you are training several groups of employees and want to test them on the material. You may want to use mobile devices to deliver the quiz. In most cases, trainees will place their tablets on tables, making desk stands an optimal fit.

Consider  choosing our Space Kiosk. It has a lockable aluminum enclosure and allows you to rotate it between orientation modes making it a perfect fit for training sessions.

Let’s picture another scenario. You have an event where you need to grant access to your attendees by using a contactless method. In this case, the Lillytab iPad Stand will do the trick. This model includes a built-in NFC reader, great for use with wristbands and RFID tags.

Do you want floor stands and desk stands at the same event? No problem. The Lillytab iPad is available in floor and desk versions. You can also benefit from its adjustable viewing positions and keep your space clean with its internally hidden charging cables.

If you need a versatile and good-looking iPad desk stand, the Rokku Kiosk is for you. Its design fits into any display space. The aesthetic of this enclosure is very appealing, with soft edges and rounded corners that are sure to draw attention. The cherry on top is that you can add custom branding to elevate your event and leave an impression on your attendees.

Finally, we recommend our Stylish Aluminum Tablet Stand if you are looking for adaptability. It is compatible with most tablets and has an ergonomic shape with a wide range of motion.

Reduce the Effects of the Paper Shortage with an iPad Kiosk Stand

According to Market Realistic, the current worldwide paper shortage is not ending soon. They expect “the shortage and increased paper prices to persist throughout 2023. And as printing demand tends to spike during the summer, paper prices could increase even more later in 2022”.

Using an iPad Kiosk stand will help reduce paper use because you won’t need to manually collect data from potential customers or print guest lists, programs, and training guides.

Rent with Choose 2 Rent

You might be wondering if you should rent stands for iPads or purchase them. Different events will likely have different needs. You won’t want to use the same tablet stand with the same design for every one of your events, and buying all the ones you need will be expensive.

Whether you look for an iPad floor stand kiosk or a desk tablet stand, our team of experts will help you choose the best one for your event. Choose 2 Rent also offers branded desk and floor stands that will make your company stand out.

Beyond table stands, we provide more products to meet your event technology needs. From tablets to barcode scanners, name badge printers, and more, we have you covered. Contact us for a full quote for your upcoming event.


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