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3 benefits of an ID card printer with on-site event registration

By administrator

Jul 28, 2022

Long gone are the days when event planners printed their name badges in advance, or so it is for the ones that keep up with new technologies as tools to improve their attendee’s experience.

Having an ID card printer available at your expo, conference, or trade show is a huge help in the check-in process. On-site registration and in situ credential printing come with several benefits. We are telling you about a few of them.

1. A fast and easy registration process

When planners choose pre-printing, they know that it implies distributing name badges going through piles of credentials each time a person gets to the registration desk, and long lines of people waiting in line.

On the contrary, if people are allowed to check in at an event kiosk and print their credentials by themselves, they will enjoy a quicker event registration process. They also have the chance to obtain any other printed items they require, such as tickets.

2. Less stressed and more productive staff members

When you print badges on-site, your team members will be unchained from the registration desk since they won’t need to spend time searching for the correct credential from a stack of them.

If you place an event kiosk with an integrated printer, people will be allowed to check in and get their name badges by themselves. This way, your team members will be free to take care of other event-related tasks, like receiving guests, assisting speakers, and ensuring everything is going as planned.

3. Reduce Waste and Costs

Every event planner knows that “no-shows” are inevitable. If you print badges in advance, you must create the credentials for all the registered participants since there is no way to tell who will not get to the venue.

An ID card printer placed on your event registration desk allows you to generate just the required credentials for the actual attendees and diminishes the reprints. All of this together allows you to keep the waste to the minimum and decrease costs.

Session Check-in Event Kiosk

A kiosk with an integrated printer and a touch-free identification system is an automated solution for your registration and payment needs. We at Choose 2 Rent offer different contactless tools for session check-in that are incorporated into our Event Kiosk.

QR Code

QR codes are everywhere: concert tickets, online ads, luggage, restaurant menus, tent cards in stores, and more. You can even use them to share your internet connection.

When it comes to checking in on events, the QR code identification system is very useful. You can provide your attendees with QR codes via email that can be displayed on their devices or name badges; they just need to scan their credentials or cell phones for access.

Our Event Kiosk comes with this feature. Its QR code scanner activates when it detects motion and can read codes from cellphones and ID badges.  

RFID and NFC Chips

According to Global Payments Integrated, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) “is a technology that uses radio waves to relay identifying information from an electronic tag placed on an object to an electronic reader.” Common applications of this tool include tracking inventory, identifying baggage at airlines, or even stopping thefts from stealing at stores.  

The same source states that NFC (Near-Field Communication) refers to a type of technology that allows enabled devices near each other to share data wirelessly, and It’s commonly used for touch-free payments.  

RFID and NFC are wireless communication technologies that can make the registration process easier and enhance your event. Choose 2 Rent's Event Kiosks have an optional feature that reads RFID and NFC chips embedded in badges and bracelets that are perfect for contactless self-registration sessions and check-in, access control, and cashless payments.  

Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition might remind you of movies where characters need to access restricted areas of government buildings, labs with hazardous materials, secret investigation rooms, or vaults with precious jewelry and tons of money.

Every day around the world, people use it to tag friends on social media pictures, unlock their cell phones, confirm payments made with a smart device, and go past border security.

Furthermore, facial recognition technology is also used to grant access to conferences, trade shows, and expos. You’ll check in your attendees in a heartbeat with a simple facial scan. Our Event Kiosk allows you to use facial recognition to verify the identity of your attendees, which is especially handy for massive events.

Renting in Choose 2 Rent

If you need to rent an ID card printer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Choose 2 Rent. We provide on-demand name badge printers, contactless event kiosks, and many more products and services. Prepare yourself to host the event of your dreams. Contact Choose 2 Rent now!


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