How a Label Printer can help improve your next event

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Jul 29, 2022

Now that events are back in full force, event planners and organizers need to take care of many details moving forward. One of those details is identification or name badges, which are a must for many events, especially those where networking is key.

Since events are usually run on a specific schedule and are planned down to a tee, there isn’t always time for formal introductions. This is where name badges come into play, providing a quick and easy way to identify and remember someone’s name and increasing the chances of establishing connections.  

Identification badges also provide a professional look and feel and can contribute to the overall satisfaction of attendees and help you brand your event. 

Some important information that name badges should have for maximum efficiency are

  • Visual elements that identify your event, such as a particular color palette or a logo that is easily seen. 
  • Attendee information is, of course, the most important part of a name badge. But it should not just include the name; you can also add relevant information such as the attendee's title, position or designation, and the company the attendee works for.

Another key detail to consider is the type of printer you will be using for your name badges. Printers that can create name labels are very efficient, and an all-in-one solution such as an Event Check-In Kiosk can be an absolute lifesaver.

How a Label Printer can solve your name badge needs

Currently, many printers on the market offer label printing to cover your name badge needs. These printers come in all shapes and sizes and include unique features, such as thermal printing and multiple connectivity options. 

Some of the best options offer direct thermal printing, which means that no ink is required. This is a plus if you’re looking to reduce costs. 

Other interesting features to look for in a label printer are embedded badge cutting, user-friendly operation with LCD screens, and high-speed printing.

However, one of the main drawbacks of label printers with the thermal method is that they print in a very limited variety of colors, usually red and black. 

Choosing a Zebra Thermal Printer or an Epson Printer 

A Zebra thermal printer is a solid option if you’re looking for a solution that can cover small to large-scale events. Some models, such as the Zebra ZD620 even have an embedded badge cutter.

Not only do these Zebra printers offer direct thermal and/or thermal transfer printing, saving you money in ink costs, but also high-speed prints that save time. 

These printers can be used with both blank and pre-printed custom color badges, but they also can print on roll labels and wristbands, making them extremely versatile.

On the other hand, an Epson printer like the Colorworks C3500 and C4000 can give you full-color badges in a matter of seconds, onsite. This means you can let your creativity run free when it comes to designing identification badges and branding your event. 

An All-In-One Solution for your Name Badge Needs: Event Kiosk

Our Event Kiosk not only prints name badges and labels onsite but also allows your attendees to enjoy a more efficient registration experience by allowing them to check-in in a quick and user-friendly way. 

This hassle-free way of providing name badges for attendees means that there is no need to check through a registration list and having pre-printed badges, sets a good mood for the rest of your event.

Some of the most outstanding features that our Event Kiosk includes are barcode scanning, contactless payments, credit card payments, QR Code Scanner, NFC/RFID Reader, and LED Light.

This type of self-service kiosk also helps organizers save precious time. Since this type of all-in-one solution can print name badges right on site, they get rid of many issues such as last-minute changes, late registrations, or spelling errors. 

Using this type of tool to cover your identification badge needs is a smart and simple solution that also has added bonuses such as attendee satisfaction and an overview of attendance data in real-time. 

Event Kiosk and RFID Badges

Our Event Kiosk comes with an RFID reader. Including RFID encoding for your badges can make an astounding difference. This technology can be used in all sorts of contexts to offer attendees interactive experiences. 

Since RFID badges are linked to each attendee’s data, there is no need for them to sign up for each session within a specific event. 

They also offer event planners and organizers a way to measure attendance at each session, which can help design future events and bring in more participants. 

Making the best choice

Taking into account the scale of your event and your goals for attendee experience and event branding can help you make the right decision when it comes to name badges.

At Choose2Rent, we offer all the printer models mentioned above and our Event Kiosk to help you cover your identification badge needs, and we’re extremely happy to reach out and help.


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