Why is it useful to have identification badges at events?

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Jul 28, 2022

Event managers often need some sort of ID for their staff and, depending on the type of event, to identify guests and attendees. These IDs typically contain information such as name, photo, and identify you as staff, speaker, or guest, as well as other details relevant to the event they are being used in. 

Event badges are a widely popular ID option that can be easily customized for guests and printed on-site. They also serve as a reminder of who was there, what they did, and who else attended.

Advantages of using badges at your event

If you are planning an event or conference, then badges can be very useful to you, your staff and your guests. Here are a few reasons why: 

It makes it easier for people to introduce themselves

It might sound weird, but having your name clearly on display (sometimes the company you work for and your position as well) can make it easier for people to introduce themselves and network with each other, which is often one of the goals at events for industry professionals

It avoids awkward situations

Unless you have a perfect memory, it’s likely that you’ve forgotten a person’s name or gone through the embarrassing experience of having them mixed up. All of this can be avoided by simply glancing at their badge and reading their name. Another great way these IDs can help you is knowing a person’s preferred pronouns without having to ask them. This small addition can make your event more welcoming too.

It simplifies identification 

Having different colors or designs for attendees, pass types, staff, security, etc can help you (and the people attending or working in your event) easily distinguish one another. This takes away the hassle in situations where you need to find someone in a crowd, for example, a guest needing help finding a specific place in the venue could easily identify someone from the organization staff by their badge and ask them for directions.

Digital Credentials and Badges

Many conferences and events give out credentials after they wrap us, as a way for guests, speakers and attendees to certify they went to said event. In the past, paper was the preferred medium for these but now Digital Credentials are the most popular option among event organizers.

Digital credentials offer an opportunity for attendees to get proof of attendance after the event and, with lots of events and conferences motivating them to share them on their Linkedin profiles and other social media. Using the badge they received at the event registration, attendees can get access to these credentials.

Badges for Event Management

Identification Badges are a great way to keep track of who is attending your event. They're also a great way to identify attendees when they arrive because they often carry them, and finally, they're a great way to reward participants for showing up and being involved.

 Including QR code scanning has become a popular way to track attendees in your event and control access to certain areas. The codes are printed directly on the badges and can be easily scanned using equipment such as an event kiosk or a QR code scanner.

The most important aspect of an event badge is that it clearly identifies the attendee, so no two badges should ever look alike.

To ensure this happens, consider these tips for creating great event badges:

  • The badges must have a clear design. A light background is recommended to make the information stand out.
  • The main name and company logo should be visible.
  • You can use different badges for each type of person or attendee. Use different colors to distinguish between speakers, sponsors, attendees, or organizers.
  • One solution to avoid overloading the badge is to place your company logo on the lanyard or ribbon that secures the badge. This will draw more attention to your brand or company.
  • Use a badge holder that allows you to wear your badge around your neck, so it will be more visible but will always be protected

Personalized event badge printing

In conclusion, why not add a little flair to your next event by using badges instead of name tags? They're fun, colorful, and eye-catching, plus, they look great on social media!

Event badges can help you build trust with your audience and encourage them to engage with your brand. They also look great and make your events stand out from the crowd. If you're looking for ways to improve your event marketing strategy, check out our guide to event badges.

When you’re ready to order an event badge printer for your upcoming event, Choose 2 Rent has a variety of choices to suit your needs for design, software, and special features. Contact us for a quote today!


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