10 Tips For Using Conference Badges

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Aug 24, 2022

Event badges are a vital part of any conference where networking is key to the day’s agenda. They act as a crutch in today’s world for introductions in rooms full of people who you might not know and incentivize interaction. Having an event badge with the attendee’s name and details provides an icebreaker and cuts down on the ambient anxiety of uncomfortable introductions.

Along with opportunities for networking, event badges provide everything from event information to conference access and all things in between. They are an essential part of any event-planning process. In this post we will give you 10 tips for using and designing event badges at your next conference and what equipment you should have handy to optimize your event traffic. 

1. Gather Requisite Information Ahead of Time

First thing’s first, it’s essential to gather all the information you’ll need ahead of time. You’ll want attendees' names, positions, and other useful information before your event begins. While printing on-site is a viable option, gathering information ahead of time cuts down on a lot of time and work for your event staff. Collect this information via online forms that you have attendees fill out before the event. 

2. Work With a Template

It’s important to cut down on design time, work with a template for your badges. This minimizes time spent on actually creating the badge and integrating attendee information into it. 

3. Brand Your Badges

Branding your event is the most important aspect of your business model, and event badges are a massive branding opportunity. Make sure your brand is prominently featured. 

4. Clean Design

As mentioned above, working with a template is a good start and branding is very important, but you don’t want a cluttered mess for an event badge. In most cases, it’s best to use the first and last name of the attendee along with company and position as attendee information. Social media links are also important, but there are ways to ensure you keep a sleek design, like QR or barcodes.  

5. Use Color-Coding

You’re likely to have different tiers of attendees or people working in various positions in their companies at your event. You can use color coding on your badges to distinguish them from one another. This not only helps event staff but also provides networking opportunities for attendees in related fields. It serves as both a distinguishing feature and a conversation starter among attendees. 

6. Include Social Media Info

In today’s day and age, social media for your brand is a must. Make sure you include the social links to your accounts on the badge, whether written out on the bottom or linked through a QR code accessible through a barcode reader. 

7. Use On-Site Printing

The quickest way to save yourself time with your event is to allow for on-site badge printing. This takes the hassle out of printing badges ahead of time, organizing them alphabetically for attendees to find, and cuts down on long lines while people search for their badges. This also eliminates issues like attendees taking the wrong badge or having someone show up last minute without registering who needs a makeshift badge. Having an event badge printer like Epson’s C4000 paired with an event registration kiosk facilitates check-ins and makes certain that everyone attending the event will have an official badge.

event registration kiosk

8. Let Guests Confirm & Edit Their Information

How many times has an errant stroke of a finger caused you to misspell your own name on an official channel? The bottom line, no one is perfect and sometimes people make mistakes when submitting their information. Having an on-site event registration kiosk lets guests confirm their information and edit it to make certain it’s correct.  

9. Keep it Neat, Use QR Codes

As mentioned above, there is a lot of information you can pack into an event badge, but for the sake of sleek design, maybe you shouldn’t. Use QR codes to link back to necessary information like social media accounts or for simple access scanning. This allows you to provide more information without taking up space on the design of your badge.

bar code reader rental

10. Ensure High-Quality Printing

Last but certainly not least, you want to ensure high-quality for your event badges. Use only top-end event badge printers like the Epson C4000 to make certain your badges are clean and professional. The last thing you want is low-quality printing that smears and makes badges illegible, or worse, stains the clothing of the attendees.  

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