Reasons to Use Event Badges

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Aug 24, 2022

All metrics point to the conference and event business moving past covid, and once again being a growth industry. With a 2022 market size of $3.2 billion, and a projected growth of $1,552.9 Billion by 2028, the event planning industry is showing huge signs of life.  A lot goes into event planning but first and foremost you want to make your events fun, easy, and accessible for your attendees. You want to remove the anxiety of being in an unfamiliar space with strangers from the equation. That is why you should be using event badges with on-site printing. In this post, we will outline the benefits of using event badges and an on-site name badge printers for conferences are an absolute necessity.  

Building Connections

People love feeling welcome and being recognized. Going the extra mile and showing you did the work for them goes a long way. By including their name, profession, and business on their event badge, you make them feel welcome and assist in their networking opportunities by making them easily identifiable to others. This simplifies the process of introductions and streamlines networking opportunities. 

First and foremost, events and conferences are for networking. By using event badges color-coded by industry information for each guest, you take the guesswork out of the networking process. It will be easier for them to find others who work in a related field and approach them for an introduction. 

People Have A Hard Time Remembering Names

How many times have you met someone and forgotten their name minutes later? Plain and simple, people forget the names of others they meet regularly.  An event badge not only helps break the ice but serves as a reminder of a person’s name at all times. This helps build an instant familiarity with their peers by making introductions both visual and auditory. People will instantly feel more comfortable with those around them. 

Badges Should Be Conversation Starters

You don’t want to overwhelm your attendees with information but your badge should be a conversation piece. Everything you want to know about the event and the attendees should be present on the event badge while not overcrowding the design area. Here are a few tips as to what necessary information should be included:

Event Badge Printer
  • Essentials of an Event Badge
    • Clear and easy-to-read font for names and professions.
    • Color-coded by industry or business.
    • QR or Barcodes linking to relevant information about the event
    • Company Branding

Branding Opportunities

Event badges help build brand awareness for both your company and businesses participating in your event. As always, branding is one of the most important elements of marketing yourself and your event planning business. Make sure your event name, company, and brand logos for businesses attending your event are clearly visible and prominently displayed on your event badges. 

Linking to Social Media

In the age of social media it’s important to market yourself online. Adding information about social accounts like Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter for your event promotion company is important. This allows you to get more followers and serves as a networking tool for your event planning business and attendees who might be interested in planning their own conferences. These can be printed directly to your badge or linked through QR and Barcodes. 

Benefits of On-Site Name Badge Printers for Conferences

What’s the first thing you do as an event attendee? You locate the registration desk, check in, and collect your event badge. It’s a simple process made easier by on-site name badge printers for conferences. You don’t have to worry about alphabetically sorting badges, or an attendee taking the wrong badge. You can quickly print the badges of each attendee with the information you’ve gathered ahead of time, right on the spot.  

This takes the stress and additional labor out of the pre-printing process and allows you to track who has checked into your event and who hasn’t. Attendees can check in at an event kiosk, verify and edit their information, and print their event badges all on their own. The process is seamless and easy for all attendees. 

Having an event badge printer like the Epson c4000 simplifies and optimizes the check-in process. 

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