Tips for using QR codes for event management

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Aug 12, 2022

As an events management company, you need to stay on top of industry trends. With the B2B trade show market expected to rebound to $14.5B projected worth, it’s safe to say events have made it back in a big way.  While it can be an arduous task to plan events, there are ways to make things easier and make sure nothing is overlooked. 

Quick Response (QR) Codes have seen an increase in popularity in recent years due to the fact that they provide easy access to information to just about everyone with a smartphone in their hand. QR Codes can help you to both advertise and organize events. This article focuses on maximizing the utility of QR codes for your next event.

What is a QR Code?

QR Codes are two-dimensional black and white pixel patterned squares. They often contain data for a locator, identifier, or tracker that points to a website or app. These squares can be read by any imaging device such as a smartphone camera or barcode scanner. There are two types of QR Codes:

  • Static: cannot be changed once created and printed. They are recommended only for personal or one-time campaigns that don’t need to be edited or tracked.
  • Dynamic: editable and can be edited in real-time. Since the dynamic QR Code contains a placeholder URL, the same QR Code can be reused over and over again saving time and money

Promoting Your Event with QR Codes

In a marriage of new and old school, all printed materials should allow for the aesthetic inclusion of a QR code with a call to action (CTA). This incentivizes prospects to use their barcode scanner to visit the website or landing page that you’re trying to get them to, ahead of your event. 

You can streamline event registration by having a QR code that links directly to your registration form. This allows people to easily sign up for your event without having to go through any extra steps. Using a QR code will allow you to gauge interest in your event by tracking the number of times your code was scanned and subsequent conversion rate (ex. times your form was filled out or sales made).

Using A Barcode Checker to Track Tickets

Once you’ve secured registration for an attendee, providing them with a QR code on their ticket allows for easy tracking. Each QR code can represent a unique check-in URL with a log-in authentication number. This provides access to each unique code rendered per ticket and how you keep track of who in your attendee database has checked into the event.

 A simple barcode checker can read the code and allow them entrance while providing you with all the tracking data you need. These real-time metrics will help inform you on how many people came to your event, what times were the busiest, etc.

Setting Up Barcode Check-in To Streamline Re-Entry

The barcode check-in process can allow you to track event re-entry as well. Say for example you’re hosting a three-day event, With the proper check-in event kiosk setup, you’ll know who is attending the event for multiple days as opposed to a single entry. This will also help with event security, as it allows to easily discern who has left the event and returned.

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Optimize Event Handling with Barcode Scanners

Keep Staff and Attendees Informed

The days of event maps are long gone, with the simple use of barcode scanners and well-placed QR codes can give staff and attendees alike access to the floorplan for your entire event, no matter how big or small. This keeps staff informed at all times and begins the attendees' journey on the right foot. 

QR Codes can also keep everyone in the know about specific services and information provided at your event. Say you’re presenting an informational video about your event, as you likely can’t schedule group viewings, linking to an on-demand video through a QR code is an excellent alternative.

Get Instant Feedback with Barcode Reader iPhones

Want to know how your event is going and what can be improved immediately? QR codes are so easy to use that you’ll be able to gather instant feedback throughout the event. Be strategic in placing QR codes around your event, directing guests to complete a short survey. Your guests will be able to use their smartphones to give you real-time feedback that you can take into account when planning your next event. 

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Choose 2 Rent - Rental Barcode Scanners for your event!

Now that you’re acquainted with QR codes and how they can help you organize your next event, it’s time to spring into action. Get the infrastructure in place to utilize them at your upcoming event. From marketing to sales, and real-time feedback, QR codes can help both organizers and attendees to optimize their experience at your event. Choose 2 Rent is the leading provider of Rental Barcode Scanners in the nation. 

Choose 2 Rent has a variety of Event Check-In Scanner Rentals compatible with iPhones. These allow you to scan codes, swipe credit cards or IDs, and read RFID chips. We have the most advanced barcode scanners on the market! Integrate them at your next event and see an immediate improvement in operations.


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