Choose 2 Rent: Leading Electronic Equipment Rental Company Has Come to England

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Sep 30, 2022

We proudly present: Choose 2 Rent Ltd in London, United Kingdom! The leading electronic equipment rental company has set up a new base of operations in London. Choose 2 Rent has been expanding globally to better serve our clients around the world, and to say we are excited about coming to the UK would be an understatement.  

London and the whole of Great Britain is a huge market for us and we are very thankful to offer our services independently from third parties and without any delays from customs moving forward.

Choose 2 Rent can now ship equipment through the UK faster, out of its London base, providing our unrivaled electronic equipment rental service to those in Great Britain.

Effective immediately, we will outfit the fulfillment center, receive and inventorize our technical equipment and get shipments on their way. Once operations are in full swing, we will be able to cater to event promotion companies all across the United Kingdom, helping thousands to streamline their event and conference planning processes with the latest and greatest technology. This means lower shipping costs, larger inventory, and unparalleled customer support due to our local operations. 

Thank you all for the continued support in making Choose 2 Rent a great success! This is the latest branch of our international expansion. We hope that with your support we can continue to see worldwide growth and bring our services to even more people!

Electronic Equipment Rental London Choose2rent

About Choose 2 Rent UK:

Our history dates back to 2013, when we began operations in Miami, FL. Since then, we have seen non-stop international expansion. Choose 2 Rent has become an industry leader in providing electronic equipment rentals. Choose 2 Rent is specialized in check-in and event registration equipment,  providing barcode readers, event check-in kiosks, event badge printers,  iPads, laptop rentals, mobile internet rentals and more. Choose 2 Rent is your number one choice for event registration technology!

You can now get some of our newest available event registration technology, which includes the Cudy P5 LTE 4G & 5G Cellular Wifi 6 Router & The Epson Colorworks C4000 Event Badge Printer, now available for rent on our website! The Cudy P5 LTE 4G & 5G Cellular Wifi 6 Router is our most reliable cellular router to date, supporting 2.4 /5 GHZ, WI-Fi 6. Epson’s Colorworks C4000 Event Badge Printer allows users to print premium full-color badges on-site in seconds, streamlining the event check-in process. 

Our new office address is centrally located between Heathrow Airport and London City. 

Brentford is a borough of London in the London Borough of Hounslow at the confluence of the Brent and Thames. It is located in west London, around 12.9 km from Charing Cross.

Contact us today to help plan your next event! 

Choose 2 Rent UK Ltd

Unit 1 Firmdale Village, Ryan Drive

Brentford, London, TW8 9ZB, UK

+44 20 3900 1627


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