How To Set Up An Event Kiosk For Your Next Trade Show

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Sep 30, 2022

When you’re in the event planning industry, a positive customer experience is both the beginning and end of your goals. You want to make a lasting impression.  Cutting down on the long lines and expediting event check-in is one way of doing that. Establishing a self-check-in both cuts down on lines and frees up staff to take care of more pressing matters. Now more than ever, event kiosks are a must when organizing a business event. The return on investment will speak for itself, as you cut down on wait times and get as many people into the event as you can with little to no issues.

Decisions, Decisions What Type of Event Kiosk Should I Use?

The first choice to make when streamlining the event process, is what kind of event kiosk are you going to use? You can rent a complete event kiosk from Choose 2 Rent or set up your own registration kiosks with our tablet & ipad rentals. Should you choose the latter option, you may need to make a few decisions for accessories. 

It’s important to note, some check-in apps may only be available for iPads, while others may have Android, and/or Windows versions. You should take into consideration, the single most popular operating system in the world right now is Apple’s iOS (via Android Police), which means the majority of your guests will be more well-acquainted with an iPad Kiosk. 

You’ll also need to take into account the tablet’s processing power to maximize user experience. 

What Accessories will I Need to Complete my Event Kiosk?

To complete your event kiosk some further hardware will be required. This includes a name badge printer like the Epson C3500, credit card readers, and perhaps a barcode scanner. This simple slate of devices allows you to cover all aspects of self-check-in. Event Badge Printing saves your employees countless time pre-printing and sorting event attendee badges and takes error out of the equation. Late arrivals and on-site ticket buyers can make their purchase right on the spot. Existing ticket holders can scan their tickets for quick and easy check-in. Look at all the time you’ve already saved!

One final piece you will need for your event kiosk is a tablet stand. You can choose between desktop stands and floor mounts, but in the end the decision is yours. You should decide on this based on your event location and what the check-in area looks like. If it’s a wide-open hall, your best bet will be to use floor stands. If there are check-in desks surrounding the room, desk stands are the way to go.

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The Case for a Full Event Kiosk

As mentioned above, there are multiple items you need in conjunction with a tablet to set up your event registration kiosks, this is eliminated when you rent a full check-in kiosk. A full event kiosk set up is everything you need at a registration desk in one convenient platform. Event kiosks allow attendees to check-in and print their badges in seconds without the cost and set up of additional pieces of electronic equipment.

Choose 2 Rent’s event kiosk rentals allow for QR Code scanning, credit card payment, RFID Scans, and full-color event badge printing during the check-in process, all in one convenient piece of equipment. 

How Many Check-In Kiosks Will I Need?

In truth, there’s no solid answer to the question of quantity. It all depends on the size of your trade show or event. A safe starting point would be to assume you need one event kiosk per every 50-100 event visitors. To help with this calculation, you can use our registration station calculator!  With the time saved on check-ins and name badge delegation, this should be enough to cover your bases, but you can always adjust accordingly to your next trade show or conference.

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Kiosk Rental with Choose 2 Rent

 Whether you decide to build out your check-in station with a tablet and accessories or decide to use a full event kiosk, Choose 2 Rent is the leading choice in electronic equipment rental. Since opening its doors to event planners in 2013, Choose 2 Rent has helped to organize thousands of business events with our electronic equipment rentals. 

With offices located in Miami, Las Vegas, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Hamburg, and now London, Choose 2 Rent has grown to help event planners across the globe. 

Contact us today and let us help you with your event kiosk needs! 


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