How iPads Can Improve Your Attendee's Experience

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Oct 3, 2022

When planning corporate events, there's a wide range of things to consider but chief among them is the attendee experience. iPads and other tablets are proven to improve the attendee experience and maximize their engagement. Here's why you should consider Event iPad rental for your next event. 

iPads for Events Check-In

Event organizers should consider setting up iPad Kiosks for event check-ins. A successful event begins at the check-in experience, and iPads & iPad Minis can streamline the attendee registration for your event. 

An iPad kiosk will allow them to check themselves into the event and when coupled with an event badge printer, let them print their own name badges as well.  This cuts back on arrival times, gets rid of long lines,  and makes attendee check-in a quick and easy experience for both event planners and attendees. 

There's no shortage of event registration apps to help this process along. All you need to do is collect attendee emails and information ahead of time for check-in. 

You can also pair these with card readers for late arrivals who are opting to buy their tickets at the time of the event. There is a wide range of products that pair with your iPad kiosk, but it's best to keep it simple.

event ipad rental for check-ins

Improved Lead Generation and Data Collection

There's no shortage of apps you can use to generate leads for vendors and future events. Strategically placed iPads throughout your event are a great way of getting attendee information. Registration, surveys, games, event maps, and brochures are just a few of the ways to put these tablets to good use.

This keeps attendees engaged at all times and allows for simplified data collection. This simple overhaul of complete event infrastructure will get you more sign-ups for your email lists, as well as more survey-fills to let you know what areas you can improve in future events. 

Audi of America Inc has gone on record mentioning this as a huge benefit for driving attendee engagement at conferences. They've been setting up iPads at car shows instead of issuing brochures since 2011. 

Improving the Live Audience Q&A Experience

Digital and hybrid events are not just a relic of the pandemic, but are here to stay. Corporate conferences are known to have speakers and keynote events, by putting iPads into attendees' hands. you can easily incorporate slide sharing, interactive polling, and live surveys. This will improve audience interaction and the crowd's retention. 

There are numerous apps for live event polling and slideshows that can be utilized by conference planners for this end. Slidio & AhaSlides are two great apps that can be utilized for this. 

Going Paperless With Killer Event Apps 

If you want to go green for your next event, consider ditching paper maps and agendas for a streamlined app or site that can be accessed through QR codes. 

You can engage business conference attendees in real-time with your fully-optimized app or site that holds all the information they'd need to fully enjoy your event. This includes speaker times, venue maps, brochures, and social media to incentivize engagement all in one place.

Utilizing event iPad rental for attendees offers a modern solution for all your event information needs. 

Gamify Your Business Conference

Consider setting up a scavenger hunt game where attendees can unlock badges or get perks by setting up scannable QR codes around your conference. This adds an element of fun that would have otherwise been lacking. 

This has been used to great effect at conferences held by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which set up a scavenger hunt to drive traffic to booths and promote direct engagement with exhibitors.

rent ipads in bulk

Event iPad rentals with Choose 2 Rent

Because keeping up to speed is a must, Choose 2 Rent is here to bring your conferences into the 21st century with event iPad rentals and iPad Mini rentals. 

Bringing the iPad into your event planning process is the perfect solution for all modern problems. From expediting check-ins, to keep attendees happy, informed, and engaged, our rental solutions are here to assist you from conception to event completion.

You can rent iPads in bulk from Choose 2 Rent to make your next event unforgettable for all attendees with some of the largest inventory and most competitive rental prices in the game. 

Choose to Rent offers electronic equipment rentals for events that range from iPads, mobile wifi, event badge printers,  laptop rentals, and more. We are trusted internationally and have helped event organizers like you plan thousands of conferences, trade shows, and more. 

With unrivaled customer service and thousands of devices in stock, Choose 2 Rent is the clear choice for your next event! Contact us today!


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