Discover The Advantage of Onsite Badge Printing

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Nov 9, 2022

Events are coming back with a vengeance after the pandemic, estimated to bring in $2.194 trillion by 2028 (via Bizaboo). Event organizers in 2022 and beyond should be aware of the benefits of onsite badge printing.  Event badge printers will save your staff and attendees a mountain of time and simplify the check-in experience for all. 

Compare and Contrast: The Check-In Process Without Onsite Badge Printing 

If you opt to not utilize an event badge printer at your next conference or trade show, you're going to be doing things the old-fashioned way. This means pre-printed badges and sorting alphabetically for attendees to find. Pre-printing badges would be fine if it didn't leave room for error. Someone is more than capable of grabbing the wrong badge, creating issues for the person who can't find theirs. There are also last-minute arrivals to take into account and the additional time and labor of having to create makeshift badges for those showing up the day of the event and purchasing their admission on the spot. 

These issues brought about by pre-printing badges can be entirely alleviated by onsite printing.  The ability to print badges on the spot simplifies check-ins as attendees can simply search for their details and print their own badges without taking the extra time to sift through preprinted badges to find theirs. The process takes seconds. Onsite printing also eliminates the need for makeshift badges for late arrivals. People purchasing their admission on the day of the event can enter their attendee details and get a badge in real-time. 

Don't Overlook These Steps When Utilizing Onsite Printing

Now that you know how the badge printing process can be streamlined if you print onsite, it's time to look at things you should take into account when setting up your event. 

Selecting Badge Types

You have a wide variety of options with event badges. Here are a few types of badges you might consider using:

  • Plastic Badges
    • The industry standard, plastic badges will last through your entire event with little to no wear and tear, looking as good as new from beginning to end. 
  • Paper badges
    • Usually paired with badge holders, paper badges are a cheaper alternative but lack the durability of plastic badges. 
  • Adhesive Badges
    • These eliminate the need for lanyards entirely, as they can be stuck directly onto the clothing of any attendees at your event.  
  • Eco-Friendly Badges
    • If you're looking to increase sustainability and go green for your next event, this is the clear choice for you. 

Work With A Badge Template

Make sure you're working with a clean badge template that isn't cluttered. Allow for attendee details, relevant information such as social media handles for your event, and utilize QR codes for easy access to the conference. 

You're going to want to utilize a template with a decent enough badge size to fit all the above information, but don't want something too cumbersome for the attendees.

Onsite Badge Printing with Choose 2 Rent

Choose 2 Rent is the international industry leader in onsite badge printer rentals, with several top-of-the-line models available for rent across the globe. 

You can select from models such as the ZEBRA ZC10L for plastic badge printing, the EPSON C4000 for paper badges, and many other badge printing options.

Contact Choose 2 Rent for a quote today and make your next event check-in process seamless and unforgettable for your attendees. 


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