Putting An End to Long Lines With Check-In Kiosks

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Nov 21, 2022

It used to be that event registration and check-in was a long, tedious process for event attendees. Despite having to register beforehand, and event organizers having a guest list set way ahead of time, attendees would still find themselves waiting in long lines just to enter an event. This made for a bad event experience and gave off the impression of a poorly managed conference. Take into account that up to 40 million Americans attend business events each year (via Zippia), can you really afford to provide a bad experience to your attendees?

Thankfully, technology has come a long way and alleviated the hassle for event organizers and attendees alike. More and more we are seeing technology take over the event registration and check-in process. The rise of the Event Kiosk has streamlined event check-in. Here's how. 

How Event Kiosks Allow For Quick Check-In

The old registration process for in-person events was needlessly complicated. Despite gathering attendee information ahead of time, they'd have to form long lines for attendee check-in and badge distribution. Never mind the fact that one person showing up without prior registration would create a lot of extra work for event employees.

Event Kiosks are an all-in-one solution for event registration and check-in. They cut out the long wait times by instantly accessing the information of those who registered prior to the event, allowing for on-the-spot badge printing. Guest check-in for unregistered attendees is also a quick and painless process with an Event Kiosk, as it allows for credit card reading and other payment options at the moment of arrival.

Event Kiosks also allow for quick ticket scanning for those who printed their event tickets ahead of time. There's not a single aspect of event registration and check-in that isn't facilitated by Event Kiosks. 

Why Event Organizers Should Switch to Kiosks for Event Registration And Check-In

Kiosks provide a superior event check-in system for organizers. They allow for larger events with shorter wait times. Most importantly, Event Kiosks free up your staff to handle pressing matters and get more done throughout the day of the conference. Guest registration takes up less manpower and is sped up exponentially by the inclusion of Event Kiosks. 

There are no more event registration forms being filled out by last-minute arrivals, no long lines, and no confusion handing out badges. They also allow the enhanced ability to track various ticket types and make it much easier to track attendance.

Attendance tracking is a key feature that was otherwise unavailable in the past. Event organizers have access to analytics, data, and guest info that shows everything from attendee age to times when the events saw the most traffic. This data allows for better future event promotion and organizing.

event check in system Kiosk rental

Event Kiosk Options With Choose 2 Rent

While it may seem like an expensive proposition to optimize your event registration and check-in process, you have a wide variety of options for setting up your kiosk. You can choose between full Event Kiosks or keep costs low by using iPad Kiosks. Event professionals have various options for securing the equipment, but considering the nature of event organizing, your best solution is Kiosk & iPad rental with Choose 2 Rent.

Choose 2 Rent is a leading international electronic equipment rental company specializing in helping event organizers make the most of their conferences with their top-of-the-line equipment. We have nearly everything you need, including Event Kiosks, iPad rentals, wireless internet, badge printers, barcode scanners, and more! 

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