Moving Away From Paper – Tickets Are Going Digital

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Nov 21, 2022

You're seeing it more and more these days. From airlines to movie theaters and sports venues, establishments are abandoning paper and moving to digital tickets. The rise of digital ticketing is not surprising by any means, it's a much more convenient way to handle admissions. Let's look at the benefits of going digital and how barcode scanners have revolutionized the ticketing process.

Access to Your Digital Wallet is More Convenient

Remember the days when printing your ticket at home seemed revolutionary and convenient? Now it seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur. Especially when you consider that the younger crowd, on average, doesn't have printers.

Let's face it, for better or worse, people are hooked to their mobile devices. As a result, the use of mobile tickets has seen a big increase across multiple industries. Instead of sending printable tickets, the new normal is to send email instructions on how an attendee can download their ticket into their digital wallet. No printing is required. This appeals to all mobile users. 

The fact is, the days of carrying a ticket to an event in your wallet or bag are long gone and seem comparatively inconvenient. We're at a stage where can purchase your ticket on a mobile phone, save it to your device, and simply get it read by a barcode scanner for admission to an event or conference.

Loss of Tickets Is A Thing of The Past

Digital ticketing eliminates the problem of loss of tickets creates for both the attendees and the event organizers. You simply save your ticket to your mobile wallet and show it to event staff, who are ready in wait with their barcode scanner.

No fumbling through wallet or bag and no chance of losing it.

Going Green AND Cutting Costs

Digital ticketing cuts down on time and labor and saves on paper, should you be interested in going green or just saving money where you can.

Physical tickets are often abandoned immediately after check-in and tossed in the garbage, or worse, scattered throughout the floor of your event to be cleaned up later. You will save on labor and paper should you choose to go the mobile device ticketing route. 

Putting An End to Fraudulent Admissions

Have you ever attended an event and found someone sitting in your ASSIGNED SEAT? It seems like the wild west in retrospect, but the fact is that as long as there have been ticketed events, scalpers and ticket fraud have been an issue. Digital tickets effectively put an end to this. Once your individual ticket is read by a barcode scanner, it goes into a database. Fraudulent tickets that are scanned simply will not work.

Mobile ticketing also eliminates the element of human error associated with fraudulent tickets. For example, an event employee who sees hundreds to thousands of attendees in a single day isn't likely to recognize a duplicate ticket number on sight alone. A barcode scanner will immediately pick up if a digital ticket is a duplicate, however. 

Data And Analytics Were Previously Unavailable

Printed tickets were much harder to track. When using digital ticketing, it gives you access to data and analytics that you previously had little way of knowing. For example, you can see in real-time how many attendees checked into your event, where, and at what time. This data allows you to better manage event traffic when planning your next event. 

Digital tickets offer this convenient information, whereas, in the past, you would need each employee at the check-in station to work with a clicker counter or make your attendees fill out an entry form to track time and attendance. 

Options for Barcode Scanners 

Choose 2 Rent has a wide variety of wireless barcode scanner rentals compatible with iPhones & iPads. This includes 1D & 2D barcode scanners with the ability to swipe credit cards or IDs and read RFID chips. Our handheld barcode scanners are easy to use and will streamline your ticketing process. 

Another option, which will further simplify your event's check-in process, is our Event Kiosk. Aside from cutting down on long lines and improving the attendee check-in experience, they are equipped with QR code scanners that can read mobile tickets off of your attendees' digital wallets. 

Physical tickets are slowly dying out and becoming a thing of the past. Be ready for the shift with barcode scanners that can read mobile tickets to simplify your check-in and ticketing processes. Contact Choose 2 Rent today for more information!


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