What Electronic Equipment Do I Need To Host A Conference

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Nov 3, 2022

The global event industry was worth $890 billion as of 2020. Taking this into account when organizing an event, there's a lot you need to take into consideration when it comes to improving the attendee experience and maximizing value. For instance, what electronic equipment you'll use to host the event? It would help if you were looking to streamline your event processes. Here's why you should invest in event kiosks, barcode readers, event badge printers, and iPads for your next conference.

What Electronic Equipment Do I Need To Host A Conference

Registration Kiosks Improve The Check-in Experience

We've all experienced getting to a conference to find the line wrapped around the building; long lines are a hindrance to the event attendee. They ensure that the conference experience gets off to a frustrating start. Thankfully, you can save time on check-ins by utilizing our Event Kiosk. 

You can set up event registration stations for self-check-in to cut down on long lines and save time. Check-In Kiosks should be set up at the entrance of your event as they allow attendees to register themselves upon arrival. This lets your staff get to more pressing matters, as well. 

Event Kiosks can consist of a simple tablet and stand or you can use an actual kiosk setup to cut down on pieces of equipment needed. We'd recommend a full Event Kiosk for check-in

To help with the calculation of just how many Event kiosks you'll need, check out our registration station calculator. Using this tool from Choose 2 Rent, you can determine exactly how many check-in kiosks you'll need based on the number of guests attending your event.

The Case for Event Badge Printers 

We've espoused the virtues of event badge printing in the past. Having a name badge printer at your event cuts down on time and labor. Instead of living in the past, pre-printing name badges, allow your guests to print their own on-site badges on site. 

In the past, pre-printing was the norm, you'd print badges and sort them alphabetically for attendees to find themselves or with the assistance of staff. Nowadays, however, on-site printing is the new norm. Upon check-in at the aforementioned Event Kiosks, pre-registered guests can simply find their info and print their own badges. This also allows for new guests to register at the Event Kiosk and print their own badge, whereas in the past. This would ensure that your staff had to create makeshift paper badges for unregistered guests. 

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line badge printer, we recommend the Epson C3500 for your badge printing needs. This powerful printer is known for its superior print quality and reliability for commercial use. 

Barcode Scanners & QR Codes Keep Your Staff Informed

Ditch the paper maps, and go green with QR Codes. Well-placed QR codes can give staff and attendees alike access to the floorplan for your entire event, no matter how big or small. Using a barcode scanner to access all your event's information for staff keeps them all in the loop and puts all your conference info at their fingertips. 

A barcode scanner is also useful for event traffic, you can track who comes in and out of your business event with a simple scan of a QR code. You can arm your staff with handheld scanners for this purpose or set up a fixed barcode scanner station for guests to scan the QR codes printed on their tickets or event name badges.

iPad rentals for events

Provide an Interactive Event Experience with iPad Rentals

For an interactive event experience, iPads and Tablets are the new standards. A few well-placed tablets around the conference can work wonders for the attendee experience and boost your event profile. Consider setting up iPad photo booths for attendees to take memorable pictures of themselves. 

Setting up iPads around your event also helps to provide them with more information about your event and future conferences. This keeps attendees engaged at all times and allows for simplified data collection. This simple overhaul of complete event infrastructure will get you more sign-ups for your email lists, as well as more survey fills to let you know what areas you can improve in future events.

Electronic Equipment Rental for Events With Choose 2 Rent

Choose 2 Rent is an international powerhouse in the electronic equipment rental industry. Helping event planners since 2013, the company has expanded through North America and  Europe with other locations in Asia and Australia. 

Choose 2 Rent meets all your rental inventory needs and more with unrivaled customer service and all the technology you need to make your next conference a success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you plan your next professional event.


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