How to Set Up Mobile Internet For Your Event

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Nov 3, 2022

Like it or not, there is a modern-day expectation for constant connectivity. People expect internet connections everywhere they go and your event attendees are no different. While tablets, smartphones, and other personal devices come with built-in connectivity, users can't always rely on a strong signal. You must provide a free WiFi network for event attendees to maximize their event experience. Wireless internet rentals are an absolute necessity for event organizing in 2022 and beyond. 

4 Reasons to Set Up A Secure Wireless Network At Your Next Event

Boost The Productivity of Your Attendees

The world doesn't stop for attendees because they're at your conference. Event guests' professional and personal lives continue and they need to be able to access their emails, texts, phone calls, company Slack chats, and other online services. 

Setting up a secure WiFi network has additional productivity perks, as it allows your attendees to be more interactive with your event, posting about it on social media platforms, participating in interactive polls with speakers, and scanning QR codes from their mobile devices for information, among other things.

Constant Connection 

We've all been there, sometimes your cell phone's data connectivity just isn't available. It could be because of the construction of the particular venue the event is being hosted, it could be because you're out of range from the coverage area. Either way, we all hate it.

This problem is instantly alleviated by setting up an event WiFi network. A lack of data connectivity will put a damper on anyone's conference experience. Especially if they constantly have to go outside to use their phone.  

Don't Let Branding Opportunities Pass You by

A branded WiFi service can create a seamless and appealing service for conference attendees by enhancing their experience while they’re connected. You can redirect guests to a branded WIFI landing page. A WiFi landing page is the first page that people see after they log into your guest WiFi. From there you can collect their email information for further use and future email marketing.This creates a relationship with your event's brand that you would otherwise miss out on. 

This small step goes a long way to increasing user satisfaction and can be tailored to your brand, you’ll improve brand awareness in the most subtle of ways.

Benefit From Data & Analytics

Use your attendees' data to provide you with insights for future event organizing.  This can include information about user demographics and using this information in future marketing strategies. 

This can also help with logistics. This data could include where your most popular or congested areas are, peak times during your conference, and when and which was the most used exit, enabling you to enhance stand positions and subsequently increase revenues.

Guidelines For Setting Up Mobile Internet At Your Events

Event Attendance Numbers

The first rule for setting up mobile internet at your next event is the most important: know your audience size. You should have some idea of how many event goers will be in attendance ahead of time. Knowing your audience size is crucial for determining the type of WiFi best suited to your event. This will tell you how many potential users will be logged on at once, how much bandwidth you need, etc.

A good metric to use is assuming every attendee will connect with 2 personal devices (a mobile phone and a laptop). If your event will be attended by 700 people, assume at least 1400 connected devices. 


Once you know how many people will be at your event, you'll have to determine how their internet connectivity will be used to decide on your bandwidth. 

For example, will there be live video streaming at the event? Will your event encourage audience interaction, polling, or quizzing? Will vendors be using online payment processing? All of these things affect how much bandwidth you'll need. 

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