5 Economical Ways to Modernize Your Trade Show

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Dec 7, 2022

Are you looking to modernize your trade show? There are a wide variety of options you should look into, here are 5 tips to modernize your event.

1. Ditch The Long Lines With A Check-In Kiosk

The Event Kiosk has been a game-changer for many event organizers. Event Kiosks have revolutionized the check-in process cutting down on both time and labor costs. Kiosk devices allow your attendees to check in to your conference unabated by allowing them to register their information and confirm it ahead of time. A process that took minutes per guest now takes seconds.

The question isn't whether or not you should invest in an event kiosk, but how many do you need? With our Event Kiosk calculator, you'll know just how many Kiosk devices you'll need at your next event simply by entering the number of guests attending. 

Kiosk Rentals are available at Choose 2 Rent for your next trade show! 

2. Utilize On-Site Badge Printers

We've all been to conferences and trade shows with the antiquated name badge distribution system. Not only would it take too much time for attendees to find their badges, but one errant hand could set you back if someone took the wrong event badge. 

Those days are over. On-site badge printing is one of the best ways to modernize your trade show. The perfect complement to the event kiosk, once an attendee confirms their check-in, they are able to simply print their own badge right at the point of entry. 

Choose 2 Rent has a wide variety of badge printers at its disposal for your convenience. 

3. Go Paperless With Digital Tickets and Barcode Readers

Increasingly, events are going paperless. This is true of everything from trade shows to airlines and sporting events. Moving to digital tickets cuts down on waste and absolutely eliminates the chance of ticket loss for your attendees. 

Pair your new digital wallet tickets with barcode readers to modernize your trade show. This allows for easy access throughout the event and streamlines the ticket collection process. 

Choose the barcode reader that's right for you at Choose 2 Rent! 

4. Streamline The Attendee Experience With Tablet Rentals

Tablet rentals improve various elements of your event. From interactive trade show booths to easy check-in stations, and increasing attendee interaction at keynotes and Q&As, there is no corner of event organization that isn't improved by the inclusion of tablets and iPads. 

If you want to go green to modernize your trade show, consider ditching paper maps and agendas for a streamlined app or site that can be accessed through QR codes

Because keeping up to speed is a must, Choose 2 Rent is here to bring your conferences into the 21st century with event iPad rentals and iPad Mini rentals.

5. Utilize Mobile Internet Rental For Constant Connectivity

There is a modern-day expectation for constant connectivity. People expect internet connections everywhere they go and your event attendees are no different. 

While tablets, smartphones, and other personal devices come with built-in connectivity, users can’t always rely on a strong signal. Not having a dedicated event wi-fi presents issues for your attendees. Whether they need to step out to check their emails or post about their event experience on social media. 

Having a dedicated wi-fi network also allows you to create branding opportunities for your event that would otherwise go by the wayside. 

Choose 2 Rent is number one in the game when it comes to mobile internet rentals.

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