Using Eco-Friendly Badges For More Sustainable Events

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Dec 7, 2022

When it comes to conference organizing, one problem we've all faced is the obscene amount of waste caused by badges, lanyards, and plastic badge holders. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of their surroundings and will often litter the event grounds with their disposed badges. This isn't good for the environment and it's not good for the cleanup staff. The answer to this problem is to pivot to eco-friendly badges. 

There is a greater push toward eco-friendly products overall, and event badges are just one of the latest in a long line of options to create more sustainable events in order to help the environment. 

Sustainable Conference Badges – What To Avoid

There are quite a few things to take into consideration when planning a sustainable event and minimizing your environmental impact. Here are a few things you should avoid.

  • Stop Using Plastic Badge Holders
    • Plastic badge holders are the least recyclable part of event badges. Fortunately in this case you save the environment by saving on materials. 
    • Opt for a tear-resistant badge with lanyard slots instead. It is strong enough to hold for the length of the event, typically 2-3 days. Alternatively, opt for an eco-friendly badge holder.
  • Use Recycled Materials for Your Lanyards
    • Lanyard straps are typically made of non-biodegradable materials, but there are options for lanyards made with recycled materials. 
    • Cost for recyclable badge lanyards can vary compared to those that create more waste. However, there are still affordable eco-friendly products and options. 
  • Don't pre-print Badges
    • As we've mentioned in the past, you should be putting the days of pre-printed badges behind you. It's inefficient, creates more work, and most importantly, generates a lot of waste. 
    • While it seems like it makes the most sense for the event check-in process to have badges pre-printed and alphabetized, it's not that simple when it comes time for over a thousand people to check in and find their own name badge.
    • You should streamline your event registration and check-in process with an Event Kiosk and allow attendees to print their own event badges. 
    • Along with Event Kiosks, you should set up multiple high-speed printers to print badges for guests as they arrive and request them. This will cut down on excess badges and waste and save time for attendees who simply have to confirm their information and hit print as opposed to sorting through hundreds of pre-printed badges.
      • Reducing the number of printed badges means that there’s less garbage created. Excess materials can be reused for future events. 
      • Choose 2 Rent recommends the Epson Colorworks C4000 as the ultimate paper badge printer for your event.

Use Biodegradable Badges

Eco-Friendly Event Badges are another easy solution to your sustainability issues. Event badges with recycled paper and biodegradable plant seed badges have become widely available as the demand for eco-friendly products and reduced impact has risen. 

These will simply get recycled or biodegraded into compost. You're actually helping the environment by choosing biodegradable materials for your badges. 

Sustainable Badge Designs

You're going to want to allow for as much information as possible on your badge designs. This may seem difficult given how much information you could possibly provide. However, we already have the answer to providing as much information as possible and keeping your badge design sleek and minimal. Use QR Codes.

Using QR codes in your badge design goes beyond simply printing eco-friendly badges, this saves on paper in multiple areas. You can link to your event map, social media, and event website for schedules and information about keynotes, guest speakers, and conference activities.

printing Eco-friendly badges

Create Eco-Friendly Badges and More Sustainable Events With Choose 2 Rent

Choose 2 Rent is the leading international electronic equipment rental company that cares enough to help you go green. We care about product sustainability and helping reduce your environmental impact as you plan your next conference or event.

Choose 2 Rent has all you need to help reduce, reuse, and recycle. Whether it's Event Kiosks and onsite printers to cut down on excess paper waste, or biodegradable event badges and holders, we've got you covered.  Contact Choose 2 Rent today!


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