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Event Check-In And Registration Ideas to Improve the Guest Experience

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Jan 10, 2023

The event registration and check-in process is the first opportunity to create a lasting impression on your attendees. It's the first interaction they have with your organization and you should make it count. 

It is estimated that in 2023, the number of events will surpass pre-pandemic levels for the first time since. You want your conference to make the right impression for future events.

You want your event registration process to be seamless and convenient for all attendees; but this doesn't just happen. It requires a lot of work and planning by the event organizers. Let's look at a few tips to make your event day check-in process the best it can be!

Registration Doesn't Begin on Event Day

Start building your guest list months out from the event. Get attendees to fill out an online event registration form ahead of time when they purchase their tickets for your upcoming event. 

We promise you that while it may seem like an additional barrier to entry to add another step to your ticket purchasing process, it will pay dividends on event day to have everyone's information ready.

Go Digital With Your Tickets

Across every type of event, digital tickets are the preferred ticket type these days. Porting your tickets to your guests mobile device wallet is the way to go in 2022 and beyond. 

Once tickets have been purchased, you should send them via email to guests to add to their digital wallets. This offers a smooth check-in process as it eliminates both loss of tickets and fraudulent ticketing. It also simplifies the process down to scanning the ticket with a barcode reader and allowing admission.

event check-in software

Ditch The Paper Event Registration Forms

Face it, time to go out with the old and in with the new. You shouldn't waste event goers time with an antiquated check-in process that takes longer than it should.

Filling out a paper registration form may seem like an innocuous task but think of all the time you'll save by modernizing your event

Utilizing Event Kiosks To Cut Down on Long Lines

As we just mentioned, paper is a thing of the past. The Event Kiosk is an absolute logistical necessity in the modern event planning business. Your check-in process sets the tone for your entire event. The last thing you want is long lines and antiquated processes. 

By setting up Event Kiosks, you will cut the amount of time event check-in takes to a matter of seconds. Guests can simply confirm or enter their information and be on their way. No more forms, no more looking up guests in the system, NO LONG LINES. 

event check in kiosk

Don't Pre-Print Event Badges, Use An On-Site Printer

Another way to save time at the check-in desk is to ditch pre-printed event badges. With on-site printers you get a few benefits. Namely, the moment a guest checks in, they can print their own badge and be on their way. No more sorting through alphabetized badges, no lost or makeshift badges at check in, and most importantly, no sorting for your event staff. 

One-site badge printers save time for all involved. Most importantly, they take error out of the equation and cut down waste for a more sustainable event.

QR Codes As The Ultimate Logistics Solution

Implementing QR codes around your event location is a major help for your potential attendees. Instead of relying on antiquated event maps and pamphlets, you can place QR codes linking to an streamlined website with all necessary information about your event. 

QR Codes can also keep everyone in the know about specific services and information provided at your event. Providing information about keynotes and activities throughout your event and venue will ensure they have everything they need at the event registration and check-in process.

using qr codes for event check in

Offer A Solution Station or Help Desk

As an event promoter, you can plan for almost everything, but as we all know, things rarely go perfectly. It's a good idea to set up an additional table or booth at your event check-in as a help desk.

You could lay everything out for the people in attendance, but issues still might arise, no matter how streamlined your event check-in process is. At the end of the day, people prefer to deal with registration staff to solve their issues.  

Constant Connectivity & Event WiFi is A Must

The inconvenient truth about modernizing your event to this degree is that you need constant online access in your Venue registration area. While you should be providing wifi to all event attendees, it's most important in your registration area. 

You need to keep your event registration and check-in devices and electronic equipment online at all times.

wifi for event

Allow For Quick On-Site Payment

Every well-attended event has some last-minute attendees. It's your job to make sure this doesn't slow down the process. With the proper event registration tools like a registration kiosk, you can set up payment on the spot. 

This allows guests appearing for the event without tickets to easily register, purchase entry, and print their own badges. 

Clear Signage EVERYWHERE

No matter how well-trained your event staff is and how much you simplify your check-in process, people still need guidance. Make sure all registration stations and service areas are clearly marked. 

Nothing is worse than entering an event facility and feeling lost and confused.

Event Check-In And Registration Kiosks

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