Crucial Event Registration Tips Before Your Event Goes Live

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Feb 17, 2023

When using registration rental equipment from Choose 2 Rent to print name badges on demand, our clients must use registration and on-site badge printing software to check in attendees and print badges on demand. This should be part of EVERY registration strategy. Before an event organizer arrives at the event, these important event registration tips should be considered to be set up in the registration platform ahead of time.

Things to Consider

  1. Make sure you know your hardware setup. For hardware, just have a basic understanding of how everything will work. Are you printing from a computer or iPad? And then how will these devices communicate to the printer? For any printing over Wi-Fi the devices will need to be on the same network so you’ll likely need a router to facilitate that. If you’re using a router, you need to consider how it will access the internet. We provide cell routers, but we always strongly recommend securing a hardline as the cellular should be used as a failsafe. If you’re going for a wired connection with laptops connected to the printer, just make sure you have the proper number of laptops allocated and that the laptops will need to remain in the vicinity of the printers.
  1. Make sure you know your software setup. For software, you want to understand what is possible within the event app you are using. What check-in options are available? What printers are compatible? How will the event management software connect to the printers? These are questions that are good to have answered beforehand, so you make sure the app can do everything you need it to. These badge platforms also have a plethora of adjustments you can make to things like the kiosk mode, how to handle walk-ins, and other areas of the check-in process. So, make sure to fully explore that so you can fine-tune your event registration process to be just the way you want it. Finally, make sure everyone who will be assisting on-site is comfortable with the software so they can help the attendees check-in or self-resolve any minor issues related to check-in.
  1. Badge design. When it comes to badge design, you want to make your badge design dimensions match your badge size. So, if you have 4 x 6 badges, you want a 4 x 6 badge design. If your badge design is a 4 x 3 double-sided badge, make sure your badge design is 4 x 3 that is mirrored. Your badge should always include your event brand identity in addition to guest info.
  1. Registration types. Most badge platform software will have registration types. This acts as an identifier for attendees. For example, Press, VIP, General Admission, etc. Then different registration types can have their own badge designs. Also, some software programs can allow multiple badge designs per registration type. Be wary and ensure no duplicate badge designs are assigned to the same registration type to prevent double printing issues. Verifying the registration types are all set will make the check-in process smooth and ensure the event attendance metrics provided after the event are meaningful.
  1. Do a test run. Doing a good test run is always a worthwhile venture. One, it gives the ease of mind that everything works because you’ll see it work beforehand. If any issues pop up you can get them resolved without the pressure of an entire event going live or already supposed to be live. It’ll also make the set-up during the event go smoothly because you’ve already done it once before.
  1. Take a dynamic approach. it’s always beneficial to have one person on-site with admin-level software control. If changes need to be made, it’s best to have someone on-site ready to make those changes immediately instead of relying on someone who may not be available. This prevents downtime from waiting for someone to respond and make changes.

The Do's And Don'ts of Shipping Rental Equipment to Events


  1. - Ensure you include the Event Name
  2. - Make sure you address a shipment to a person who is physically present at the receiving address
  3. - Use a domestic delivery phone number for the country you are shipping to.
  4. - Ensure someone is present to sign for the valuable shipment. All of our shipments require someone to be present and sign.
  5. - Double-check the shipping address. Rental equipment can be delivered late if the incorrect zip code or address is provided and our shipper has to re-route the shipment.
  6. - Check the packing list! Make sure your event has all the necessary equipment for a successful event.
  7. - Inform the delivery location to expect the equipment. If the hotel or convention center is not expecting our package, it can be returned back to us and cause delays.
  8. - Ensure the rental and event dates are good to go. Make sure the equipment will arrive in time for setup and the event. If the venue or convention center has specific dates for the equipment to arrive, make sure to let us know.


  1. - Don't forget to include special shipping instructions! (Venues will refuse shipments if they do not know what the box is for, or delivery drivers won't know where to deliver without instructions to the loading docks, front desks, or special areas).
  2. - Don't forget to include the delivery location's business name (many times a single address can have multiple businesses).
  3. - Don't forget to include a suite number or floor number if applicable!
  4. - Don't forget international shipments require customs clearance! (Customs delays can happen, and we can best avoid this by using the client's import number, business registration, or identification number. Examples include EIN, SSN, VAT, GST, RFC, etc. A delayed shipment can delay a whole event)
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