What Is Session Scanning? What You Need To Know

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Sep 22, 2023

As an event organizer, you're well aware of the pivotal role played by attendee check-ins and attendance tracking in ensuring the triumph of any event. This is precisely why Choose 2 Rent proudly presents its cutting-edge session scanning solutions, meticulously designed to simplify the check-in procedure for sessions and workshops, all while elevating the precision of attendee tracking. Our state-of-the-art session scanning technology empowers you to effortlessly oversee attendee access to a multitude of sessions, monitor session attendance in real-time through adaptable software, and harness invaluable data for refining your future events. Now, let's delve into the myriad benefits of session scanning and explore the array of methods at your disposal.

Know Who, What, and When

  • Attendee Insight: Session scanning allows you to pinpoint precisely which attendees are engaged in specific sessions and event activities. This data is a goldmine for customizing future events to align with your audience's interests and preferences. 
  • Popular Sessions Identification: Analyzing attendance data lets you discern your event's standout sessions and speakers. This invaluable insight guides your decision-making process when planning upcoming events. 
  • Real-Time Event Enhancement: With real-time data collection, you gain immediate access to feedback that empowers you to make on-the-spot adjustments, ensuring the seamless execution of your event. 

Gain Total Access Control Over Your Sub-Events

Our state-of-the-art session scanning technology gives you complete control over access and enables meticulous participant activity monitoring throughout your event. With a diverse array of options, such as Linea Pro Series event badge scanners, Event Kiosks, and more, you can seamlessly manage and regulate attendee mobility tailored to the unique software preferences of the event organizer.

Choose Your Session Scanning Method

Staffed Vs. Self-Scanning

Staffed Session Scanning Using Handheld Scanners and iPads:

In this approach, event staff members manually scan attendee badges or tickets using handheld scanners or iPads equipped with scanning software. This technology aids staff in confirming attendee identities, checking their registration status, and ensuring they have proper access to specific sessions or event areas. This method prioritizes security, allowing staff to control entry into sub-events based on attendee access, room capacity, and more.

Staffless Self-Scanning Using an Event Kiosk:

This method involves setting up self-check-in kiosks at sub-events entrances, enabling attendees to scan their badges or tickets swiftly. These kiosks are equipped with scanners capable of reading the barcode or QR code on attendees' tickets or badges. Once scanned, the kiosk automatically verifies the attendee's registration status and records their attendance. This approach offers a high level of convenience for attendees, eliminating the need to wait in line for check-in.

The Benefits of Session Scanning

At Choose 2 Rent, we recognize the vital role that data-collection devices play in events, enabling informed decisions and enhancing event planning strategies. Our session scanning solutions offer more than just efficient attendee check-ins and check-outs. Depending on the software employed by event organizers, they yield valuable insights that can drive continuous improvement in event management year after year.

Access Control: Ensuring the security and seamless experience of all attendees remains a paramount concern for event organizers. Through session scanning, you can swiftly and accurately verify attendee identities, guaranteeing that only authorized individuals gain access to events and sub-events.

Track Attendees: Our systems facilitate the creation and management of sessions within larger events, simplifying attendee navigation and aiding event staff in attendance monitoring. This feature also empowers you to track attendance and collect data on the popularity of specific sub-events, which can inform future event enhancements.

Analyze Data: Data analytics stands as another cornerstone of our session scanning systems. By gathering data on attendee demographics, event participation, and more, you gain a deeper understanding of your audience. This insight enables tailored event planning that aligns with attendee preferences. Additionally, this data serves as a valuable tool for assessing the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Track Capacity: Event safety and managing room capacity represent top priorities for organizers. With session scanning, you gain real-time attendance monitoring capabilities, ensuring that room capacity limits are not exceeded. In the event of potential capacity issues, quick identification and immediate action can be taken to safeguard attendees.

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Partner with Choose 2 Rent: Your Path to Elevated Event Excellence

The transformative power of session scanning technology in event management cannot be overstated. It streamlines check-in processes, enhances attendee tracking, and unlocks a wealth of data to propel your future events to even greater success. Whether you choose staffed or self-scanning solutions, Choose 2 Rent stands as your dedicated partner in achieving these goals.

As you plan your upcoming events, we invite you to take the next step towards excellence in event organization. Partner with Choose 2 Rent to harness the full potential of session scanning technology and set your events on the path to success. Elevate your events, enhance the attendee experience, and make data-driven decisions by upgrading your session scanning capabilities today. Together, we'll create unforgettable event experiences that leave a lasting impression. Contact Choose 2 Rent now to embark on this exciting journey. Your success is our commitment.


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