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Empowering Connections: How Choose 2 Rent and RingCentral Are Revolutionizing The Event Tech Industry

By administrator

Apr 22, 2024

In 2024's growing event industry, the importance of seamless, high-quality interactions cannot be overstated. This is why the partnership between Choose 2 Rent, a leading event technology provider, and RingCentral, a renowned event software company, marks a significant milestone in delivering top-tier event experiences. This collaboration exemplifies how cutting-edge technology and expertise come together to create flawless in-person, virtual, and hybrid event engagements for event professionals. Join us as we delve into this transformative alliance and explore its implications for the future of event technology.

Building A Better Event Tech Partnership:

The collaboration between Choose 2 Rent and RingCentral at a major corporate event showcases the synergy between RingCentral’s robust software solutions and Choose 2 Rent’s cutting-edge event tech hardware. Choose 2 Rent, known for its comprehensive inventory of event technology rentals, provided the necessary equipment to facilitate an engaging and interactive experience for both in-person and virtual participants. Their deep understanding of the RingCentral Events platform enabled them to expertly tailor the hardware setup to enhance the platform’s capabilities, ensuring a seamless event flow.

This strategic partnership highlights how Choose 2 Rent’s hardware versatility complements RingCentral's software, proving that the right technology pairing can elevate the user experience significantly. Choose 2 Rent’s equipment, known for being software-independent, was perfectly aligned with RingCentral’s flexible solutions, illustrating a prime example of an effective event tech partnership. Together, Choose 2 Rent and RingCentral are event tech partners that deliver unparalleled experiences through integrated physical and virtual services.


RingCentral is a global provider of cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions, well-recognized for its innovative platforms that redefine how businesses communicate. Their comprehensive suite includes features such as video conferencing, team messaging, and scalable telephony systems—all designed to integrate seamlessly across multiple devices and locations. As a preferred tech partner for many leading companies, RingCentral's platform also includes an advanced event app designed to maximize attendee engagement during corporate events and conferences. Their unwavering commitment to innovation ensures they remain at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, continually evolving to meet the dynamic needs of modern enterprises and maintaining their status as a key player in the event technology landscape.

Event Tech Hardware

Key RingCentral Kickoff Event Highlights

The RingCentral Kickoff event was a major corporate gathering designed to energize the sales and go-to-market (GTM) teams for the upcoming year, 2024. Held in a hybrid event format, it successfully combined in-person participation with virtual engagement, ensuring global accessibility and inclusivity. The event utilized RingCentral's own Events platform, which provided a comprehensive set of tools for both live and remote attendees to interact seamlessly. Virtual participants could engage in real-time through features like live chat and Q&A, while those on-site experienced streamlined check-ins and easy navigation through a dedicated mobile app.

  • Seamless Integration: The collaboration was marked by a seamless integration of Choose 2 Rent’s hardware with RingCentral’s software, providing an intuitive and hassle-free experience for event organizers and attendees alike.
  • Enhanced User Experience: By utilizing Choose 2 Rent’s state-of-the-art equipment, the event facilitated a smooth and engaging experience that mirrored RingCentral’s commitment to excellence in communication.
  • Expertise and Training: Choose 2 Rent’s familiarity with RingCentral’s platform meant they were perfectly poised to offer advice and setup that maximized the effectiveness of the event tech tools being used.
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Embracing The Future of Event Tech Together

As we advance into the future of event technology, the Choose 2 Rent and RingCentral partnership emerges as a benchmark for innovation and customer satisfaction. Elevate your event experiences with Choose 2 Rent’s leading technology solutions.

Are you ready to take your events to the next level? Partner with Choose 2 Rent for unmatched event hardware solutions that guarantee a seamless, memorable experience for every attendee. Contact us today to explore how our state-of-the-art technology can transform your event strategy.


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