About Us

About Us

Our History

The idea originated in 2010. Offering fully loaded iPads inclusive cellular data service and optional accessories for rent to tourists. This is a service that no traditional paper-based guidebook can offer. Incidentally it has many other advantages such as replacing expensive GPS rentals at the local car rental or never running out of necessary information on vacations.


Starting 2011 the founder of Choose 2 Rent, LLC acquired its experience with a major European iPad Rental company as an executive member of the team. It quickly evolved that the demand for rental iPads is not only suitable for tourists but also for businesses and hotels. And the demand is even more comprehensive.


With a background in the car rental and tourist industry, the young entrepreneur founded Choose 2 Rent, LLC to offer his experience and services to customers in the United States. While in its first weeks of operation, the news about the substantial approach to businesses and tourists of Choose 2 Rent spread quickly. Customers can now have access to this unique service at a reasonable price!

For Businesses

It is no longer possible to imagine trade shows, meetings or any business event without iPads. In many cases companies don’t have the right amount of devices at their disposal or refrain from such high investments.


What we offer:

A variety of pricing options that suits each customers’ needs.
Exceptional support from professional employees.
We make sure that each event rental runs smoothly.
Wide selection of accessories that fits all demands.
Customize your iPad with your desired set-up and custom branding.
We install your apps, videos, and presentations.



For Tourists & Business

Your travel experience will be different by renting a fully loaded iPad with 3G/4G data service included. We provide great benefits for the business or leisure traveler.


What we offer:

No need to carry around maps, heavy city guides, laptops.
Won’t be checked for electronic devices at airports.
No need to pay roaming charges or abusive prices for hotel internet access.
We provide affordable solutions.
Booked on our site and items are delivered to the hotel or airport.
Devices are loaded with many apps that enhance the enjoyment of the region.



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