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Help Mobile Internet PepWave MAX BR1 Pro

PepWave MAX BR1 Pro

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PepWave MAX BR1 Pro
PepWave MAX BR1 Pro

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Basic Troubleshooting

Click on one of the Troubles or Issues below to see how to fix it

The router does not power up?

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  1. Verify your power source, try another wall plug.
  2. Please check if the power plugs are plugged in tightly.

Wrong/incorrect password notification

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Please verify Caps Lock is off on the device you are connecting from. Use the password provided in the Quick Start Guide in the pocket of the router case.

How much cellular data can I use?

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Please review your contract to verify the included cellular data in your rental contract. Typically, 3 GB of data are free of charge. Avoid connecting personal laptops or Cell Phones to the router. These devices typically run a lot of updates and can easily consume more than 1GB per day per device.

I am connected to an internet hardline but have no internet

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Please confirm with the provider of the hardline the following:

  1. Is the Ethernet hardline live?
  2. Is the provided hardline set to DHCP. Note that our routers are not setup for STATIC IP internet hardline.
  3. Does the Router need to be whitelisted? If yes, the hardline provider will need the MAC address from the router. The MAC address can be located on the bottom of the router. This is typically the case when a hardline needs to bypass "splash page".
  4. Confirm the hardline is connected to the Router’s WAN port and not on the LAN port.
  5. Verify with the venue (hardline provider) if there are any firewalls or security measures that need to be provisioned.

Also, power cycle the router after connecting it to the hardline.

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