The Choose 2 Rent BadgeBox will save you valuable space!

BadgeBox provides an innovative way to save space when it comes to the aesthetics of a registration desk. The BadgeBox's clever design and versatile functionality make it the perfect solution for those tired of fanfold badges taking up space or getting damaged.


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Specifically designed to
work with thermal Zebra printers

Holds up to 1000 fanfold name badges

Saves up to 15 inches of space

Perfect For Registration Desks
With Limited Space

Choose 2 Rent has been providing custom preprinted or plain name badges for Zebra printers for many years. In most cases, fanfold badges take up a lot of precious registration desk space and require placement behind the printer. Our team of designers drew up a suitable solution that is exclusively manufactured for Choose 2 Rent. As soon as customers rent the badge box once, they won't plan an event without it since it immediately saves space and keeps registration desks clean.

Compact Design

A compact design makes the BadgeBox easy to transport and can be set up quickly and easily at any event registration desk. 

Whether you're hosting a conference, trade show, or other events, the BadgeBox is the perfect choice when space is limited. The Badgebox works exclusively with fanfold badges. It is the perfect space-saving solution.

Great For Large Events

The BadgeBox can hold up to 1,000 name badges or less depending on badge size. This makes it an ideal choice for larger events, where you need to print more badges quickly and efficiently. 

You can load up to 1000 badges into the BadgeBox and let it do the rest. The unique design also allows you to monitor the amount of badges in your Badgebox, so you know when you’re ready to reload.

Save Up To 15 Inches of Space

Traditionally, without badge paper storage solutions, you may need a lot of space to store all your badges behind the printer or place printers sideways, storing fanfold badge paper behind the printer.

This can be especially challenging when working in a small or crowded event venue where registration desk space is a commodity. With the BadgeBox, you can save up to 15 inches of space by storing it underneath the printer, making it the perfect solution to fit more printers in events of all sizes.

Specifically Designed For Zebra Printers

The BadgeBox is also specifically designed to work with Zebra Thermal printers such as ZD620, ZD621, ZD500, ZD421, ZD420.
The BadgeBox is built to keep the printers power and network cables out of the way, allowing for smooth, seamless badge loading. With the BadgeBox, event organizers no longer need to monitor that the exposed fanfold badge paper gets messed up or even spilled on.
The small paper level indicator in the front and back helps identifying when it’s time to reload the badge paper.

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