Are you tired of the menial task of printing identification for participants especially in large events? Did you find it wasteful to see the extra badges lying on the table because the participants were a no-show? Avoid such hassle by printing only what you need to print with Badge Printing Kiosk. It offers the following benefits:

  • It is faster – It takes only seven seconds from ticket scan to printed badge. With a full pass-through of 20 seconds per visitor, you can manage 250 check-ins per hour with only one unit – 4 times faster than finding a pre-printed badge on a tray.
  • It is cheaper – Self-check-in kiosks combined with manned registration desks reduce staffing up to 50 %. Full-color onsite event badge printing avoids shipping costs for pre-printing badge templates.
  • It is professional – Walk-ins and name changes receive the same quality badge as other visitors. There will be no more handwritten or misspelled event badges.
  • It is secure – Profile pictures can be printed on your event name badges straight from the registration database for secured access. Check-in data provides real-time visitor listings.