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Create an event timeline

Sep 22, 2023

How to Create an Event Timeline to Stay on Schedule

Event planning is a meticulous endeavor that demands the perfect synchronization of numerous moving parts and can take up to 12 months. For event planners and organizers, the ability to meticulously orchestrate these elements within a stipulated period is an essential hallmark of successful event execution. At Choose 2 Rent, we recognize the significance of […]

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What is session scanning

Sep 22, 2023

What Is Session Scanning? What You Need To Know

As an event organizer, you're well aware of the pivotal role played by attendee check-ins and attendance tracking in ensuring the triumph of any event. This is precisely why Choose 2 Rent proudly presents its cutting-edge session scanning solutions, meticulously designed to simplify the check-in procedure for sessions and workshops, all while elevating the precision […]

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Event Planning Tips For Engaging Events

Sep 15, 2023

Event Planning Tips: How to Create an Event That Keeps Attendees Engaged

Whether you're an experienced event planner or just diving into the world of event coordination, understanding the nuances of crafting engaging and memorable events is essential. In event planning, success is not just about executing a single event flawlessly; it's about laying the groundwork for a series of successful future events. In this article, we […]

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Best Practices For Event Management

Aug 21, 2023

Best Practices For Event Management: Making Improvements for Future Conferences or Trade Shows

vent planners, take note! In the ever-evolving world of event management, the pursuit of a successful event experience is an ongoing journey. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out in the field, one universal truth remains: continuous improvement is the key to a triumphant event. As you set your sights on future events, […]

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event analytics

Aug 21, 2023

Event Analytics: How to Evaluate the Success of Your Trade Show and Make Improvements for the Future Events

Staying ahead of the curve requires more than just exceptional execution – it demands a comprehensive understanding of your event's impact and the tools to transform that knowledge into future success. That's why we're delving into the dynamic landscape of event analytics, a powerful resource that empowers event organizers to decode the intricacies of a […]

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