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registration station calculator

Mar 15, 2021

New! Registration Station Calculator

Choose 2 Rent is the leading software independent provider of registration equipment for rent. The typical event Registration Station contains a rental tablet or laptop, a tablet kiosk and badge printers. Our newest check-in option for events such as tradeshows, conferences and festivals is the Event Kiosk. To help our customers determine the quantity of Registration Stations, we applied the knowledge and […]

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May 11, 2020

Antimicrobial iPad Screen to limit the spread of Covid-19 on our rental devices

Researchers found that Coronavirus can survive for many hours or days on specific surfaces. According to scientists the virus can survive up to 3 days on plastic, glass, and stainless steel. Copper however has been identified as the surface that is least favorable for the spread of coronavirus. While we meticulously clean our rental devices […]

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electronic equipment rental

Oct 18, 2019

Choose 2 Rent – An Industry Leader in Providing Electronic Equipment Rental

Choose 2 Rent is a five-star rated specialist for check-in and event registration equipment. From our bases in the U.S. and Europe, we supply our customers with rental equipment such as iPad, Tablet PCs, name badge printers, name badges, plastic badge printers, session and lead retrieval scanners, and a wide range of accessories for events, trade shows […]

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