Before choosing a badge printer, it helps if you need what your card printing needs are. Here is a simple guide to assist you in picking the right product suited to your needs.

Estimate your card printing volume – Consider how many cards you’ll print per session on average. For less than 1,000 copies, you may want to consider low volume printers. For 1,000 to 5,000, try standard volume printing. For 5,000 above, you may want to look into high volume printers.

Determine your card appearance needs – Determining your card appearance needs involves deciding on single- or dual-sided card printing, full- or single-color printing, and desired image quality.

Determine the level of security needed – For basic visual security, this usually has a simple 1-D barcode that can be scanned. This can be printed on lower-cost, entry-level printers. You can use standard PVC card stock in CR80 size.