Frequently Asked Questions About Event Badges

Name badges provide a quick at-a-glance name recall, making it easy to remember someone’s name and make acquaintances easily, also useful for group discussions and team building when people haven’t had a chance to meet each other yet. Here are frequently asked questions that will give you an idea about the importance of event badges:

  • Why use name badges? A name badge is an instant introduction which tells a person who you are and where you work. At a conference, mixer, or other event with a large group of people, a name badge is much more professional and is much easier for others to read.
  • What info should a name badge carry? Your name and company are a must. Your company may be in the form of a logo or as text only. If your logo is simple and easy to read, no additional text is necessary. Your name should be large and prominent.
  • What is the function of name badges? Name badges and a good quality lanyards are essential for at-a-glance name recall, making acquaintances easily, and in much faster time as there is less of a need for introductions.

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