Depending on the purpose and uses of it, label makers come in several shapes and sizes. Each has its own unique feature. Here in Choose 2 Rent, we only have the best label makers for all your organizing needs. You don’t really need to buy a label maker. Most people choose Label Maker Rental as it is a more practical and convenient option. Below are the most common types of label makers based on their uses:

  • Portable Label Printers – it is commonly used in offices and factories. The name itself denotes that it can be carried around with ease.
  • Industrial Label Printers – it is a heavy-duty label maker designed to withstand continuous label printing.
  • Commercial Label Printers – this type of label maker is usually used in packaging or retail industries. This is also a good option for micro businesses that use labels for their products.
  • Personal Label Printers – this is the smallest amongst the label makers. It is, however, only designed for home or office uses.