Print Black Name Badges

Event Kiosk supports a Direct Thermal Zebra® printer that prints on-demand name badges with dynamic information in black. It can also print on adhesive labels or clear stickers. Pre-designed and color pre-printed paper creates can be used.

Print Full Color Name Badges

Full color, on-demand name badges are an eye catcher for event attendees. Event Kiosk supports the Epson® C3500 printer. It prints full color user credentials on various badge sizes and types in seconds.

Table or Desk

You can use your own table. Ensure that the table height is between 30" and 32". Counter-height tables or desks are only recommended for the Kiosk without printer


Choose 2 Rent rents pedestals that fit perfectly into any registration area. Place the event registration kiosk in one area or at various locations throughout your venue.

Branded Pedestal

Create eye-catching branding with your logo, color themes and imagery. Display any message on the branded pedestal for Event Kiosk.

Full Branding

A brand is the peoples sum of the perception of an event. Full branding of the Event Kiosk can make a big difference on an attendee's first impression at an event.

Partial Branding

Partial Event Kiosk branding is the most cost effective way to present your brand at your next conference or trade show registration desk.

No Branding

Even without branding, Event Kiosk makes a great impression on event attendees. It looks inviting andattracts customers to interact.

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Event Check-In

Choose 2 Rent designed the Event Kiosk. Our Check-In Kiosk is available with or without badge printer, QR-Code Scanner, RFID reader, Payment Terminal and iOS or Windows based software applications.

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Pre-Printed Custom Badges

We specialize in providing custom pre-printed name badges, utilizing the most cost-effective on-site badge printing technology known as Thermal Transfer.

Thermal Printing allows for on-demand printing of credentials in black ink. To incorporate colorful designs, we can pre-print them in advance to be used with Zebra badge printers, ensuring vibrant and eye-catching badges.

We offer custom badges in a variety of shapes and sizes, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Each badge can be customized with or without lanyard slots, providing flexibility based on your preferences. Moreover, we provide options for regular paper or tear-resistant paper materials, enhancing the durability of the name badges.

Choose 2 Rent is dedicated to delivering high-quality custom name badges that make a lasting impression. Trust us to provide the perfect solution for your event, ensuring professional and visually appealing identification for all attendees.