Rental Floor Stands

Our iPad floor stands and kiosk enclosures are versatile tools ideal for enhancing customer interactions in various settings such as product presentations, service desks, retail stores, hotel receptions, showrooms, and expos. These innovative solutions allow for captivating, interactive displays, providing a modern and engaging way for customers to explore features and benefits, and for businesses to showcase their products or services effectively. With their sleek design, durability, and functionality, our iPad floor stands and kiosk enclosures are perfect for creating memorable experiences and making a lasting impression at any event.

Choose 2 Rent Exclusive Floor Stand

Exclusively available at Choose 2 Rent!
We have partnered with a professional supplier that constructed an iPad Floor Stand based on our customer needs.

  • Lightweight aluminium to save shipping costs (13 lbs per stand)
  • Top can be mounted in landscape or portrait
  • iPad enclosure has an anti theft lock to secure the iPad
  • Easy access in-pole cable management with 10ft USB cable
  • Minimized setup time – only 3 screws setup the entire stand
  • Optional custom branding for the iPad enclosure faceplate
  • For kiosk security, a cable lock is available as an option
  • Please ask our team for details.
  • Dimensions: 14″ x 14″ inches
  • Height: varies 42″ inches
  • Material: Aluminum (black or white powder coated)
  • Weight: 13 lbs (w/o iPad)
  • Compatibility: iPad 9.7", iPad 10.2", iPad 10.9", iPad 12.9″, iPad 13"

Lilitab iPad Floor Stand W/NFC

iPad and NFC reader are included with every rental.

  • Can be tilted to any angle, swivel from horizontal to landscape
  • Reinforced plastic enclosure with aluminum base (white/white)
  • Built in locking system w/key for secure enclosure
  • Built in cable management with charging cables for both iPad and NFC reader
  • Built in Bluetooth NFC Reader (ACR1255U-J1)
  • Optional custom branding for the iPad enclosure faceplate (ACR1255U-J1)
  • Color: White
  • Compatibility: iPad 9th Gen 10.2" only