Session Scanning

The Best Session Scanning Solutions in The Business

As an event organizer, you know that managing attendee check-ins and tracking attendance is crucial for the success of any event. That's why we offer state-of-the-art session scanners, like the Event Kiosk, tap-and-go desk and floor stands, handheld scanners, or iPad Rentals that streamline the session or workshop check-in process and enhance attendee tracking.
With our session scanning technology, you can easily manage attendee access to different sessions, track attendance in real-time depending on the software, and gather valuable data to improve future events. Our handheld scanners are designed to read attendee badges quickly and accurately, making the check-in process seamless and efficient.

Know Who, What, And When

Know who attends what keynotes and event activities

Find out what sessions were the most popular at your event

Get real-time feedback on valuable data to improve your events

Gain Total Access Control Over Your Sub Events

Our session scanning technology allows you to control access and track participant progression through an event. With our Linea Pro Series badge scanners, Event Kiosks, and more, you can monitor and control the movement of attendees depending on the software used by an event organizer.

Choose Your Session Scanning Method

Staffed Vs

When it comes to Session Scanning, there’s no shortage of options, depending on whether you are looking for a staffed solution or you want attendees to check themselves into sessions and sub-events.

Staffed Session Scanning

Using Handheld Scanners
And IPads

This involves having staff members manually scan attendee badges or tickets using handheld scanners or iPads with scanning software. The technology helps staff members in verifying the identity of the attendees, checking their registration status, and ensuring they have access to the correct sessions or areas of the event. This method offers a high level of security, as it allows staff to determine who can and can’t enter sub-events depending on their event access, room capacity, and more.



Staffless Self-Scanning

Using An Event Kiosk

This method involves setting up self-check-in kiosks at the sub-event entrance area, allowing attendees to scan their badges or tickets. The kiosks will be equipped with scanners that can read the barcode or QR code on the attendee's ticket or badge.
Once the ticket or badge is scanned, the kiosk will automatically check the attendee's registration status and records their attendance. This method offers a high level of convenience for attendees, as they can check in quickly without having to wait in line.


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Staffless Self-Check-in Scanning

Using A LiliTab

Lilitab iPad floor stands with an embedded NFC reader can be used to scan attendee badges or tickets. The devices are equipped with a tap-and-go reader that can verify the attendee's identity and registration status as well as grant them access to the session depending on the software used.
This method offers a high level of flexibility, as you can embed a NFC chip in a paper badge, wristband, or  plastic badge. They can be placed around your event, allowing attendees to use the devices to check in at multiple locations throughout the event. Additionally, this method is more cost-effective than hiring staff members to manually scan tickets or badges.



The Benefits of Session Scanning

At Choose 2 Rent, we understand the importance of data-collecting devices at events for making informed decisions and improving event planning. Our session scanning devices go beyond just checking attendees in and out of sessions; depending on the software used by event organizers, they provide valuable data and insights that can be used to improve their events year over year. 

Access Control

Keeping events secure and ensuring a smooth experience for all attendees is a priority for every event organizer. That's why you should use session scanning as part of our access control system. With session scanning, you can quickly and easily verify attendees' identities, ensuring that only authorized individuals are granted access to events and sub-events.

Track Attendees

You can use our systems to create and manage sessions within larger events, making it easier for attendees to navigate and for event staff to monitor attendance. This also enables you to track attendance and gather data on which sub-events were most popular, helping to improve future events.

Analyze Data

Data analytics is another key feature of our session scanning systems. You can collect data on attendee demographics, event attendance, and more, allowing you to better understand your audiences and tailor future events to their preferences. This data can also be used to track attendance and measure the success of specific marketing efforts, helping you make informed decisions.

Track Capacity

Safety and room capacity are top priorities for event organizers. With session scanning, you can monitor attendance in real-time, ensuring that we don't exceed room capacity limits and can take appropriate action if necessary. This also helps ensure all attendees' safety by quickly identifying any potential capacity issues and responding promptly.

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