Barcodes are used to keep track of shipments, price retail items, manage financial documents, and to perform many other logistical and organizational services because of the coded information can be translated into barcode symbology. Including Socket Mobile CHS-7Ci barcode rental, here are other types of barcode scanners available now:

  • Pen barcode scanners – These resemble small wand-type sticks that look like a small pen. The pen-style barcode reader consists of an LED light and a photodiode in its tip. The user passes this tip over a barcode and the LED light illuminates the black and white bars.
  • Laser barcode scanners – These are capable of more exact light readings which prevent false positives or scanner errors. It translates data into digital signal readout of the barcode. Laser scanners can either be mounted in a scanning unit or be part of a handheld unit.
  • CCD barcode scanners – Also known as LED scanners, these feature hundreds of tiny LED lights arranged in one long row. These lights are shot directly onto a barcode, and a sensor then measures not the reflection, but voltage of the ambient light directly in front of each lightbulb. This voltage measurement provides a digital snapshot of the barcode.