Event Support Services

Choose 2 Rent is committed to providing exceptional services that complement our high-quality rental offerings. Trust us to handle the setup, provide reliable support, offer coverage, and facilitate efficient shipping, allowing you to focus on the success of your event.

Our Top Services

Our dedicated team is here to provide world-class customer support and address any questions or issues you may have during your rental period. Experienced in their field, they stand ready to provide prompt assistance and ensure that your rental experience is smooth and trouble-free, all while ensuring that all rental equipment is properly configured and ready to use.

Device Setup

Save time and stress – let us do the entire installation work.

Windows, iOS and Android device customization.
Our rental devices can be customized based on your needs with Apps, wallpapers, logos, Wi-Fi credentials, settings, restrictions, and much more.

Phone Support

Would you like some help? You can reach us at any time during the rental period.

A general 24/7 ad-hoc technical support service is included with each rental via phone, email, chat, or FaceTime.
Pre-scheduled virtual support for remote setup assistance can be scheduled to save the timeslot for your rental requirements.

On-Site Support

Any rental location can be serviced by our trained on-site team.

Setup, installation, and breakdown can be handled by our skilled on-site technicians.
We'll schedule with your coordinators so the whole rental goes smoothly before, during, and after the event.


Choose 2 Rent Care

We offer Choose 2 Rent Care, an optional service that provides coverage for accidental damage and theft of the rental equipment. With Choose 2 Rent Care, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are protected against unforeseen incidents.

Choose 2 Rent offers peace of mind to our clients when renting any type of equipment. You can now invest in our Insurance program that covers 90% of the retail cost of any piece of equipment.

Avoid any unforeseen expenses and focus on doing great events! Insurance plan does not cover theft and/or lost items. 10% deductible would need to be covered by the customer.

The insurance plans do not apply to accessories.
Please comply with paragraph 8 of the general terms & conditions in order to receive full insurance benefits.

Shipping options

We understand the importance of timely delivery, which is why we offer reliable shipping services. Whether you need the equipment delivered to your event venue or directly to your doorstep, we ensure that it arrives on time and in excellent condition.

Express Shipping

We offer Express Shipping as a standard shipping option. This service ensures fast and reliable delivery to your destination, including tracking, for those who need their packages delivered on time. When it comes to time-sensitive deliveries, Express Shipping is the go-to choice for our clients.


For standard delivery needs, Ground shipping is a cost-effective solution. It provides a balance between affordability and reasonable delivery times, but does not guarantee on-time delivery or offer escalation. When cost savings are a priority, ground shipping is a good choice for non-urgent deliveries.


We combine the benefits of speed and personal attention in our courier service. This service is tailored for those who need special attention to their shipments, such as a dedicated delivery window including evenings and weekends. When a destination does not have a dedicated package receiving area or has limited receiving hours, courier service is ideal.

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