One of the main keys to a successful event is an organized registration. You need to get the maximum number of attendees through the door in a short time. Preparing badges for thousands of attendees the day before the event is tedious and time-consuming. Switching to on-demand badge printing is the solution and the following reasons will convince you to do it:

  • Better attendee experience – Badges with right branding and category can contribute better to the experience of attendees and exhibitors. You can add barcodes, QR codes, profile pictures, personal programmes, RFID, and NFC technology to further enhance the experience.
  • Sustainable and environment-friendly – You don’t have to print badges for no-shows or name changes. This is what makes your event environment-friendly and save a lot on event costs.
  • It is faster and efficient – On-badge printing together with event check-in app is the fastest way to check your guests into the event. This also eliminates the tedious process of finding a pre-printed badge on a large table.