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Welcome to Choose 2 Rent: Your Premier Badge Printer Hire Service Provider in Manchester

Planning an upcoming conference, trade show, or corporate event in the vibrant city of Manchester and in need of cutting-edge event registration solutions? Choose 2 Rent is your trusted partner for badge printer rentals, badge accessories, and top-notch event technology solutions in Manchester. Our mission is to assist you in creating unforgettable, seamless, and engaging experiences for your guests and attendees.

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Badge Printer Hire in Manchester

Elevate your upcoming event with our extensive range of badge printer rental products. Whether you're organizing corporate conferences, trade shows, product launches, business events, or seminars, our badge printer hire services in Manchester are your ticket to success. Our commitment to providing top-notch technology solutions ensures that your event stands out.

Make registration hassle-free and Leave an impact on your attendees with our badge solutions:

Event Badge Printers

Rent our badge printers to create professional, customized event badges on-site at lighting-fast print speeds.

Badge Accessories

Complement your badges with lanyards, badge holders, and printing services.

Efficiency and Branding

Streamline the registration process while reinforcing your brand identity with our badge accessories.

Why Choose Our Rental Service?

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery:

We understand the importance of punctuality. Our service guarantees on-time delivery of rental equipment, ensuring no delays for your event.

Shipping by Courier:

For your convenience, we ship badge printers directly to your event location via reliable courier services, ensuring safe and timely delivery.

24/7 Technical Support:

Our technical support team is available around the clock to assist with any issues or queries, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted service.

Tested and Approved Devices:

All our printers undergo rigorous testing and approval processes ensuring they meet high standards of quality and reliability.

Wide Range of Paper Material Options:

We offer a diverse selection of paper materials for badge printing, catering to various preferences and requirements. [Visit our website for options.]

On-Site Support and Scheduled Training:

To ensure you are comfortable with our technology, we offer on-site support and scheduled training sessions, making your team proficient in using our equipment.

A Wide Range of Accessories:

Our service includes a variety of accessories to complement and enhance the badge printing experience.

Flexible Rental Period:

We understand that every event is unique. Our rental periods are flexible, accommodating events of different durations.

Affordable Rentals with Competitive Prices

At Choose 2 Rent, we understand the importance of cost-effective solutions for event planners. That's why we offer competitive rental prices, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Our efficient service guarantees complete satisfaction throughout the rental period. With us, you can enjoy the latest badge printing technology without breaking your budget, making your event not only memorable but also cost-efficient.

A Wide Range of Printers for Event Planners

For event planners, we offer an inventory of badge printers tailored to your specific needs. Our event equipment hire services include additional devices and accessories to enhance your event's success. We understand that each event is unique, and we are here to provide you with a customized solution that aligns perfectly with your vision.

This huge range of products includes Zebra thermal and Epson colour badge printers, among others. We offer the perfect solutions for paper, plastic, and RFID badges, wristbands, as well as adhesives!


Ready to make your upcoming event a memorable one?

Request a quote today and experience our reliable service and affordable badge printer rentals. We are dedicated to helping you deliver an exceptional event experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guests and attendees. Choose 2 Rent - your badge printing solution for events.

Entire Range of Event Equipment and Accessories

Choose from our extensive range of badge printer options, all in mint condition, to suit your event location and requirements. We also provide a wide stock of badge accessories and other quality products to complement your event. Our wide inventory ensures that you have the flexibility to tailor your event's technology needs precisely to your preferences, leaving no detail overlooked.

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