The many uses of NFC technology offer benefits in a number of everyday tasks from paying for groceries to healthcare treatments. Here are some of the benefits of NFC technology in our everyday lives:

Contactless payments – Customers can swipe their smartphone over a card reader to make a purchase without fumbling through credit and debit cards or counting out cash. This technology allows the customer to load multiple cards and choose which one they wish to use for each transaction.

Information sharing – The small size of NFC tags and their lack of a battery let them go virtually anywhere. From posters to museum displays to library books, an NFC tag can hold information that a user can then swipe their phone over to read. NFC tags are used to transmit information about famous artworks or display personalized student schedules and current event updates.

Transportation – Some cities now offer a NFC version of a train ticket. Swiping a smartphone not only allows the passenger access to the subway but also keeps track of the number of trips he has left. Passengers can come and go much faster and easily pay for extra trips.