If you are hosting an event that requires intense planning and logistical coordination, you might want to eliminate extra work with large-format printer. With Zebra ZC10L Printer Rental, you can create custom guest access badges and passes.

  • The ZC10L gives you freedom to customize, eliminate hassle and reduce waste. No need to bother with partially pre-printed cards. You can customize the backside of cards with guest instructions or “fine print” content and print it using Zebra’s monochrome black ribbon.
  • As a modified 300 dpi photo printer, the ZC10L delivers exceptional image quality, especially for background graphics and photos. Create new revenue streams by including sponsorship logos and advertising placements.
  • Create beautiful edge-to-edge card designs with graphics, text, barcodes and images using Zebra’s CardStudio card design software. Make care design changes right up to event time. No need to preorder cards.